Shop My Instastories: Beauty Advent Calendar Products of December!


I was beyond excited when my mom called me last week to let me know “Santa” left me something at their house for Christmas. She was so awesome, she got me this Christmas Advent Calendar which has a daily beauty product!

Each day I will be sharing what I receive on the blog and linking the product up on here if you are interested in giving it a try!

As promised, here is my round up of top picks from the Advent Calendar that I love and you should definitely check out! Again, these are MY picks and based on what my beauty needs are and my preferences, so it may not be a fit for all. These are in no particular order! You can find photos of and links to all of these products in the above photo gallery!

1). NIA 214 Technology TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream by Strivectin—I absolutely love this neck cream. Although I do not have any issues with skin on my neck as of right now, I am allllll about prevention and taking care of my skin. Yes, I have been wearing eye cream at night since I was in college (and I think it paid off)! My skin on my neck does get dry, and I often think this is an overlooked area of our skin, especially as we are younger (but end up paying for it later on).

2). Amazing Concealer—Although I am a huge user of the Tarte Shape Tape, I also really liked this concealer. It wasn’t as thick as the Shape Tape and covered with a thin veil that had great coverage. The only downside is that this one I received in the calendar was a tad darker than I normally would use, but I would definitely recommend it to try if you are in the search of a nice concealer. I will likely save this shade for the summer.

3) NEST Rollerball Black Tulip Eau De Parfum—I am loving this scent! If you used to use the Dior Miss Cherie (no longer in production—it’s just the Miss Dior now), you need to check this out. This totally reminds me of that scent and is in the same family of the scents I wear. This is a great scent for the winter months.

4) Lavinila Rollerball Fragrance—Another great fragrance that I am loving right now! This reminds of the Pink Sugar fragrance that was popular a few years ago, but more sophisticated and mature. I really love the scent and will use this on casual weekends of lounging!

5) Philosophy Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion—I have always loved the Amazing Grace scent but will admit that I have not used it in awhile. It was great to be reintroduced to it in a body lotion product that is great for firming skin. I always use firming body products on my thighs, stomach, and booty, and am so glad this has a great scent. I haven’t used it long or consistent enough to really indicate whether or not it makes a difference, but it smells great and is moisturizing, so it is definitely a keeper in my book.

6) First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream—I don’t know about you, but I can get super dry skin in the Cleveland winters. I just know those subzero wind chills and temperatures in the single digits are just a few weeks away, and I will be turning to this super moisturizing body cream. It also has great reviews.

7) Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat—I probably need to be better about cleaning my brushes, and this product is key to clean brushes! I always use Dawn dish soap and rinse them underneath but always wonder how clean they really get. This small cleaning mat will help that problem.

8) Julep When Gel Met Pencil Eyeliner—One of the main products I get gifted a lot as a blogger is eyeliner. As a result, I have not had to purchase eyeliner in a LONG time! However, I lost my work makeup bag mid-December and with it went my Urban Decay 24/7 black eyeliner pencil. I went ahead and started using some other products since I had so many, but I almost went out and purchased the Urban Decay pencil because I missed the creamy smoothness of how it easily went on my eyes and the black pigment. Luckily, I did not need to do that, as I soon received this pencil! And it has the same super creamy and smooth texture with the same black pigment. This is now on regular rotation in my make up routine.

9) L’Occitane Amande Shower Gel—Because I just opened this on the 23rd, I have not had a chance to use it yet, but it smells sooooo good—and it’s L’Occitane, so it’s just plain awesome.