Norwex Cloths: Which One is the Best for Make-Up Removal?


One of the best things about having a blog and being an active Influenster on Instagram is being able to try and test new products!  When I get the opportunity to do so, I always try to do a special feature on the product and give my feedback.  Since someone or a company values my opinion, I want to be able to feature the product and talk about all the great things about it!

When my cousin, Joy (joyfullykeepinitclean on Instagram), reached out to me to test out some Norwex cloths for make-up removal, I was totally down!  As you know, I love make-up and beauty products, and I always love trying the latest, greatest, and most innovative products around!

For a little background, Norwex is a company that uses technology to develop cloths that assist in cleaning homes without use of chemicals!  This has transferred over to body care, with the focus on not using chemicals on skin.  Please note, I'm not indicating that this is the way to go--I'm simply reviewing the cloths' abilities to remove make-up and giving background on the company :)!

I was asked to test out and try the Norwex Make-Up Remover Cloth (please note--the cloth is still labeled with "Body Cloth," but this cloth is a small microfiber washcloth (see below) that is primarily marketed for make-up removal.  


I was also asked to try out the Norwex Body Cloth.  This is labeled "Body Cloth" on the towel and is actually the body cloth.  This can be used on face or on the body.

Which one is better?!

Which one is better?!

Make-Up Remover Cloth

This was the first one that I tried out.  The texture is a very smooth, microfiber cloth, very similar to what you would use for cleaning off your pair of glasses, cell phone, or computer screen.  I tried both with and without facial cleanser.   Although Norwex promotes not using a cleanser with chemicals, I'm not going that far to remove my face make-up (as I need a cleanser for my skin), but I have no issue going the cleanser free route to remove eye make-up,  

Either way, when wet, the cloth actually melted off my make-up!  When I was done, my face was completely clean, even my eye make-up!  This was a definite winner and even a surprise to me.  I had no clue that a cloth could clean this good on its own!

Body Cloth

Before I could get too excited about the Make-Up Remover cloth, I definitely needed to try the Body Cloth.  This cloth was a little larger than the Make-Up Remover Cloth and had a texture more similar to a typical wash cloth; however, this had a much softer and silkier feel.  Although it had more texture than the make-up remover cloth, you could tell it had microfiber properties.

Although I loved the feel of this cloth, it did not melt the make-up off my face like the make-up remover cloth.  After doing some research on this cloth, I found that people like to use it on their body for body acne.  Although I don't deal with that on the scale now, I did when I was younger, I will definitely need to try this on my back during the summer after a heavy, sweaty work-out or working in the yard!


 As I shared, the Make-Up Remover cloth is great for make-up removal.  Although I did not prefer the Body Cloth for Make-Up Removal, I am definitely going to use it in the shower to exfoliate my body, particularly my back, this summer!

As you all know, I love using my Clarisonic to really clean and exfoliate my face.  I still use that, but I will be honest, I consistently use my make-up removal cloth to take my eye make-up off daily.  You definitely cannot use the Clarisonic for that!  This is soft and non-irritating on the sensitive skin around the eye for the initial eye make-up removal at the end of the day.

Because the Clarisonic can be harsh, I cannot use it more than once daily.  As a result, if I need to rinse off some make-up and freshen up after work before dinner, I find myself reaching for the Norwex Make-Up removal cloth to gently remove any make-up to assist in getting ready for the evening.  

If these products sound like something you want to try it, connect with Joy Gardner at OR follow her on Instagram at Joyfullykeepinitclean!  She will be more than glad to connect you with either of these products or any other products to meet your home and personal needs!

Have you ever tried Norwex?