New Product Review: Savvy Minerals Tangerine-Infused Lipstick by Young Living


I'm always up for trying new make-up products--you never know what you might end up finding that will become a favorite in your make-up arsenal or something that you will consistently have on rotation! 

When Julia Gasser reached out to me regarding Young Living, I had no idea that they actually made make-up!  If you don't already know, Young Living is primarily an essential oils company that sells all natural products with a focus on being organic and non-toxic--anything for well-being!  As a result of their focus, there are a variety of products they now offer, including tea, cleaning products, baby products, and now make-up, just to name a few.  If you are super into natural, organic products and are looking for the same in make-up, this is definitely a line to check out.  The make-up is mineral based made with natural products.  

The first product I was looking to test drive was the Savvy Minerals Tangerine-Infused Lipstick in the color Bedazzled.  If you know me, I love lipstick!  If I feel like I look pale or bland, there is nothing like a pop of lip color to brighten the face.  


A few years back I had ordered some essential oils for Terry from Young Living, but I had not tried any of their other products in some time.  I was not sure what to expect when I received it, but I will tell you, I was very impressed with the packaging!  It came in a sleek black box, which was reminiscent of high-end beauty brands.  


When I opened it up, the lipstick was in another small box nestled within wrapping in the box.  Again, this was not what I was expecting.  I thought it was well-packaged, and I knew I was going to use a high-quality product.  I also love the lipstick case.  It is very sleek.  Young Living did an awesome job on the packaging design.  


So after opening it, next came the testing of the product.  So everyone is aware, I always give 100% honest reviews.  Although at times, I am often "gifted" products or ask to try products, I will be honest in my reviews and thoughts.  I only talk about products that I believe in, like, would purchase again, or use consistently or on a daily basis.  In order to give an honest review and really understand the product, I will "test drive" the product.  Test driving consists of using a product over a period of days and over several events.  This usually consists of wearing lipstick to work (which is the real test over a long work day), on the weekend, during eating, and through all types of weather (which in Cleveland is easy, since we have gone from hot, dry, cooler, and rainy humid weather in a matter of a week).  

I picked out the color "Bedazzled," which was a brighter pink color that also appeared to have some neutral tendencies.  Although I will play with lip colors, I tend to look for lip colors that have a "brown" or "nude" base of color.  I believe this tends to look more natural, even when wearing bright pops of color.  Since this was from the spring colors, I wanted to try something that had a brighter color but would also be something that I would wear consistently.


I'll be honest, I was a little nervous that this lipstick would be "too natural" for me--that is, too sheer, not pigmented enough, etc.  Although I can appreciate all different types of make-up products, I like a pigmented lip color that is either matte or creamy.  If I want to, I'll top it off with a little gloss.  I rarely wear gloss alone, and if I'm looking for a more natural look, I'll opt to wear a more natural or nude lip color rather than a pigmented, bright shade.

When I tried this lipstick, I was pleasantly surprised, that although it was sheer, it was buildable for color.  After building it up with two coats across my lips (which is not much), I had a nice color.  I think this is great--if you want a more sheer color, you can have that with this product, but if you are like me, it is buildable for a richer shade with more coverage.

I love the color--it's so pretty and flattering.  I like how it looks on my fair and semi-tan (now with summer) skin tone, but I think this color would look great on ALL tones. It is pigmented, but I like how it also looks natural.  It brights a nice color to my face without being over powering (see my photos below).

The lipstick itself was NOT super creamy feeling, so I thought it may dry my lips out.  I always wear lip balm or chapstick under my lip color, as any kind of lip color is generally drying to my lips.  If it's a very drying color, the balm or chapstick will NOT work.  This was not at all drying, and I think it may have even been moisturizing!


Swatch of the Bedazzled Color.  Bright, pretty pigmented,  and not overpowering.  You can see the shimmer!

Swatch of the Bedazzled Color.  Bright, pretty pigmented,  and not overpowering.  You can see the shimmer!

This color is not a matte color.  It's not super glossy, but it has a sheen, so I did not have to top it off with any gloss.  I was able to wear it on its own.  

On top of the positives already mentioned, it has nice staying power.  No matter what lip color I wear, I always re-apply after eating an entire meal, but this had nice staying power and I only had to re-apply after eating lunch.  Even with that, there was still a wash of color on my lips.  If you are one that is not good about re-applying, this is a nice product because there is still some remaining color.

One of the other benefits of this product is that it is NOT tested on animals.  I'm happy that most make-up products I use are not tested on animals, but this is yet another positive.  

Wearing Bedazzled to work yesterday.  I thought the plum in my outfit made the color pop!

Wearing Bedazzled to work yesterday.  I thought the plum in my outfit made the color pop!

An Instastory of me wearing the color on a casual weekend day!

An Instastory of me wearing the color on a casual weekend day!

There are a ton of colors (see photo below).  If you are interested in trying out this lipstick or any of their other products, please be sure to check out Julia Gasser as your Young Living go-to!  You can follow her @juliarosegasser on Instagram.  If you are interested in purchasing a lipstick or any of their other products, check out her page:  She will talk to you about their products, how to order, and the best deals, such as their make-up starter kits!

If you want to browse their products, check out the link here.  You can browse the products here but will want to be sure to shop with Julia in order to get the wholesale price and any other deals that are being offered!


The spring colors for the Tangerine-Infused Lipstick.

The spring colors for the Tangerine-Infused Lipstick.

What do you think about the lip color I'm wearing?  Have you ever tried Savvy Minerals lipstick?  What about any other Young Living Products?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!