Summer Garden Recipe: Roasted Tomato and Goat Cheese Dip


Hey guys!  So when I shared photos of this on my InstaStories Friday night, I had TONS of questions and requests for the recipe!  

So I'm going to link up the link to the blog I got this from below.  I'm definitely not going to take credit for this recipe, but I will share some of my thoughts and feedback on how I plan to make this amazing recipe even better next time!

The whipped goat cheese is perfect.  I would definitely follow this part of the recipe exactly.

The recipe called for cherry tomatoes, which I have a TON from my garden.  I'm not sure I would use cherry tomatoes next time though, as they are very small and hard to roast. After roasting, they cooked down so much, there was not much left of them for the dip to bring that tomato flavor.  I would recommend using MORE cherry tomatoes, a larger cherry tomato, or a smaller, regular tomato.  Some of my early varieties of tomatoes are smaller and could easily be small enough for this dip but large enough to roast and not lose too much of that tomato flavor.

Check out A Cedar Spoon blog for the recipe here!

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