SunBasket: A Specialty Foodbox with Organic Options


Last winter, I reviewed a bunch of the home delivery meal kit food box options but never quite made it through all the ones I wanted to try. One of those boxes that I didn’t get to was the Sunbasket meal kit. Once the New Year hit, I thought it might be kind of fun to try a few new options. I ended up receiving a coupon for $20 off my first three Sunbasket options and decided to go for it. I just received my third box from that coupon and am really enjoying it so far. Some of my photos and experiences are from across the three weeks. Keep reading to find more about my experience, my thoughts, and to receive a discount code! I have also linked up my taco holders and square plates at the bottom of the post! :).


Like the other boxes I have talked about, this is delivered weekly. You can adjust the options to how many meals and servings you would like based upon who is eating. For me, I stuck to my typical go-to options of three meals, two servings, which equates to six meals a week. This is perfect for me, as I have dinner and am able to have leftovers for lunch or dinner another night. This service is also more on the expensive side (as compared to comparable boxes of Blue Apron and Hello Fresh), as it ranks about $70-80 per box. This is not surprising, given the amount of organic food that is used (every single piece). Although I love the concept, this is still super expensive to me. I like spending about $60 a box to make it worth my while and a cost effective option (which was one of the initial reasons I started doing meal kits).

Like with any of the meal kit services, downloading and using the app to manage your subscription is the way to go. I think the app could use a little work to be a tad more user friendly (it took me a bunch of clicks to manage my delivery schedule and skip weeks), but this is the easiest way for me to manage it on the go.

One of the perks of this service is the amount of organic food. Sunbasket is 99% organic and 100% non-GMO, which is a huge perk. Although I think this is a perk for many meal kit boxes, I’m not sure if all of them are this strict, since it is not advertised as much as the others. I really like this part of it, as it helps me stick with some of the important things I consider when I eat and grocery shop.

If you are on a specific diet, based on fitness or health reasons, this is also a great option, as recipes within the box are specifically identified as being either gluten-free, paleo, carb-conscious, lean and clean, or approved for diabetics or are heart healthy. I think the options are still tasty and great alternatives for other recipes.



Sunbasket arrived on time without any issues with delivery all three weeks. I absolutely love the cute box!

The packaging was very similar to Hello Fresh. It had cooling products with each recipe in its own paper bag with the meat packaged separately on the bottom. Some greens were packaged separate from the paper bags.


One of the things I liked was the recipe booklet that came with the box. It was more like a mini booklet or magazine as compared to recipe cards. There are pros and cons to this—I like seeing all the other recipes and having some additional items to read; however, the booklet is not as easy to file in my binder with my other recipe cards!



Over the course of the past three weeks, I tried a variety of different recipes from all different diet options. There were a few that were my absolute favorites—-the bolognese, the turkey taco bowls, and the chorizo fajitas (pictured above) were my favorites! Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of the bolognese or the taco bowls, but I’m for sure making the taco bowls again!

The recipes I picked were tasty and super healthy. There were a few standouts, but I will admit, I did not love every recipe I tried. Nothing was bad—just some were not as good as I thought or would be something I would save and want to make again (except for the above options).

I did get several steaks (one each week) which were all really tasty and good. The meat was awesome! However, they were not super unique or any different than what I would have made with the other food boxes.


All in all, I enjoyed the SunBasket meal kit. I will likely keep my subscription active, as I loved the healthy options; however, I do not see myself ordering every week. In a nutshell, here are my thoughts:

1) I love the healthy options and the tasty recipes. Because of this, I will likely return to this box again. I felt better and not so full or bloated after eating these meals. I think it’s great for those on a specific or specialized diet and want to stay super healthy and organic.

2) With that being said, I do not see this as my weekly go-to box. It is a little high for my budget, when I can get similar options with still good food items for a better price. I will likely get this when I feel like I've fallen off the healthy eating train OR if I see a bunch of recipes I liked. Although everything was good, I didn’t LOVE everything. After having it for three weeks, I’m kind of ready for a break and for something new and different!

If you think this sounds like a box you would want to try, based on the organic food and recipe options for a variety of diets, I would love to save you money on your first box if you want to try out my referral code! You will save $40 off your first box! This is a great deal if you want to get a really great deal on a week of meals. It is:

I’d love to hear if you try it and what you think!