Try-Out a Meal Kit with Some of My Discount and Referral Codes!


As many of my faithful readers and followers know, I LOVE my meal-kits! I have pretty much tried out all of them on the market! To tell you the truth, I’ve really enjoyed all of them and am happy with each one that I’ve received! And I’m being truly honest. To each their own, but this has been my opinion.

If you go to the main “Food” page link here, you can find my reviews of all the services. :)

Another plus is that if you sign up via Ebates, you will also get additional cash back!

One thing I will do (a trick) is cancel one of the service options. After I cancel, I generally get another coupon or discount code via mail or email which basically gives me the intro rate. This is a great way to continue using the box and get a bunch of meals at a discounted price. Not only do you get great food, but you can save money!

Here are the following discount codes and offers for my current meal kit box picks. Just Click on the Link!

SunBasket—Get $40 off your First Box

Hello Fresh—Get $40 off your First Box

Home Chef—$30 Off your First Box

Plated—Get Your First Box FREE (up to $72 value)!

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