Get to Know Me Through Music: The Summer 2018 Playlist


Music has always been such an important force in my life.  I grew up listening to music with my parents, even when I was only 2 or 3, we were watching the ORIGINAL MTV and VH1.  I grew up with 80s, classic rock, pop, top 40, and alternative rock.  I'll admit, there is no country really for this girl.  Regardless, I think my parents instilled a love for great music in me, and because of that, I played an instrument for many, many years, studied music theory, and even at one time, even if briefly, I thought about studying music in college.  I haven't touched my instrument in a very long time (life just changes), and I really can't sing, but my love for music is still there.  I can pick up beats and sing the words to nearly every 80s and classic rock song.  Since Terry and I have the same birthday, we can have a sense of friendly competition (it's healthy and just inherent to our personalities), and this is one domain he just can't beat me!  

Memories of my life are made in music.  Almost every event, era, and circumstance in my life is played to music themes.  Even not so great times in my life, I have songs that go along with those.  As time heals everything, I can actually now listen to those songs with new ears and love some of them again.  

Below are my choices for my music playlist of Summer 2018.  There are some newer songs on there that I like, but my love for what I truly like comes out in this list.  When I started this blog, I wanted to stay true to myself in all aspects and not become like every other blogger out there.  So, if you don't share the  same love of music as I do, it's ok.  But, I do think there is a song for everyone on this list--it transcends music genres and ages.  This is my go to playlist for drinking wine on my patio, driving around CLE, or hosting guests at my house.  This is a great summer patio list.  Under the playlist, I talk about some special memories (yeah, my memory can be crazy--I remember a lot) that I associate with these songs, which I think is why I love some of them so much.  Almost every song has a story behind it, but I will share a sampling.  :). 


  • I have a couple Foster the People songs on here.  I liked when they became a hit with Pumped Up Kicks several years back, but I re-discovered them this past spring with the release of Sit Next to Me.  I absolutely love that song--I have continually been playing it since this spring.  it has an 80s pop tone to it that is similar to many other songs on this list.  As a result of liking this song, I started listening to their live videos on YouTube (they are really good live.  unlike other bands, they sound like their album--true talent) and finding other songs, even if older, by them that I liked.  Fun fact:  I went to middle school with the lead singer Mark Foster, for 7th and 8th grade.  After that, he moved on to a public school (we attended private school), but I will tell you, I never thought he would go on to be a lead singer of a rock band!  He was involved in music, as he played percussion in our middle school band, but I do not recall him singing EVER (yes, I played in a band with Mark Foster at 13!).  My favorite memory is when he kept shining a laser light on our substitute band teacher.  Yeah, probably not safe, but it still cracks me up at 33.
  • Cyndi Lauper--Time After Time.   This song always gives me the feels and goosebumps.  The words and classic 80s music video is timeless.  
  • "Everything You Want" by Vertical Horizon and "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)" by Fuel both take me back to the early 2000s and being 16.  I listened to these songs on repeat while driving around my 1997 Red Chevy Camaro with the great stereo system.  Boy, did I have it made. Still one of my favorite things to do is drive and listen to music.  I will rarely (if ever) listen to talk radio over music.  Since Terry also loves alternative rock and hard rock and grew up listening to some pretty heavy stuff when he was motocross racing, I even think of him in his teens racing like a crazy person listening to this stuff.
  • Def Leppard's Photograph is a classic summer song for me.  I always have this on when I'm getting ready to go somewhere on a summer evening.  I can't tell when it started on the rotation--maybe college?!
  • May was always the last month of classes in college before everyone left for summer break.  There was a Gap commercial that used Seals & Crofts Summer Breeze.  I always liked the song but downloaded it on Limewire or Napster at the time and have loved it ever since.  I remember everyone was packing up for summer.  I was in a sorority and loved college--I was sad because I knew I would miss everyone but was happy to be going home for the summer.
  • The summer when I was about 9 or 10, my parents had purchased an America CD (yes, when we really played CDs) and listened to it the car.  I wasn't sure if I liked it at first at that age, but it grew on me.  Ever since that summer, I loved America (yes, at 9 or 10).  Several years later, when I was in high school, I would attend a Jefferson Starship/America/Doobie Brothers concert at Blossom during a hot July evening with my parents and began to love classic rock even more.  
  • When I was in grad school, I worked part time as a Macy's Men's Fragrance girl.  When I would drive to work on the summer weekends, I would listen to Pet Shop Boys "West End Girls" and Psychedelic Furs "Love My Way."
  • I really like Bad Company's "Rock n Roll Fantasy."  I'm not sure why, but I like to play this at the bar if I can.  
  • "Good Times Roll" by The Cars, "The Boys of Summer" by Don Henley, and "Reelin' in the Years" by Steely Dan are just classic songs for ANY summer playlist or summer party.
  • "Rio" By Duran Duran always revives my love for anything 80s.  When I hear this song or see the video, I just want to wear some neon pink and go get a tan.  
  • "Abacab" by Genesis does not really fit the vibe of this playlist, but I had to add it because it is a song that encompasses summer for me (at least in my head).  When I was kid swimming in the pool, my dad would put on 98.5 WNCX Cleveland's Classic Rock on our outside stereo system.  This song was on one night when I was floating in the pool.  That's why I think of every time I hear this. 
  • When I was on vacation with my family in Sanibel, Florida, "Slide" by Goo Goo Dolls was a hit at the time.  I was 14 in 9th grade.  There are many memories from that time in my life, but this song really sends me back to that time.
  • When I first met Terry, "Sleeping with a Friend" by Neon Trees was my favorite song.  I just think of our first months dating when I hear this!
  • Another job I worked during grad school was at Express (still one of my favorite stores obviously).  "Ruby" by Kaiser Chiefs would play all the time at work, and I really liked it.  Before I think I even really had Shazam, I had to google the lyrics I remembered to figure out what song this was. 
  • I discovered Marvin Gaye. when I was about 6 years old.  I can remember it very clearly.  My parents had just bought a cassette tape of Marvin Gaye (we are really throwing it back now) and listened to it in our 1990 or 1991 Chevy Lumina.  I would sit in the back reading my BabySitter Club books (I was an early reader) and was exposed to Marvin.  This was one of the songs and is actually one of my two favorite songs by Marvin Gaye.  It's such a shame he is gone--what a talent.
  • One of my all time favorite music bands is Tears for Fears, and this is because I loved them when I was a little girl.  I remember listening to "Everybody Rules the World" in the backseat of our Chevy Celebrity back before there was anything safe on cars and the seat belt buckles were all metal and would burn your legs in the summer after being in the sun all day in a hot car.  I was so happy I got to see them last Fall!  I got teary eyed during a few of my favorite songs!
  • "Am I Wrong" takes me back to the first summer I was dating Terry.  During this time, he was moving from Cleveland to a Cleveland suburb and was staying with me for that time period even only after a few months of dating. He had recently bought a Ford Lightning (a super fast pick up truck--if you watch my instastories, you know that Terry's hobby is buying cars) and took me for a drive in it in Hinckley and this was on the radio.  I would always sing (and still sing) "Am I Wrong?" and Terry would say (and still says) "Yes." Some things just don't change.

I hope you enjoy this playlist and play it while you're on the patio, driving in the car, or entertaining guests!  I also hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more through music.