Bumble Spotlight and an Express Sweater in Blue!


Can you believe it SNOWED in Cleveland today?! Only in Cleveland—we always seem to get one last hurrah. It’s never opening day for the Indians if we don’t have cold and/or snow. Sigh. At least I was able to break out this super cute Express sweater! It’s great for this type of spring transition weather (Style Tip 8 bright colors!).

While I’m talking fashion, I also wanted to chat about some things I tell people when I first meet them! While I love fashion and all things girly, don’t be mistaken—I like to be viewed as a leader, a motivator, and as someone who is not afraid to get theirhands dirty—whether it is planting tomato plants, painting, or tearing out carpet. I wear heels in the board room and out on the town but wear the battle scars of all my other endeavors proudly! This is important when networking or meeting new people and friends on the Bumble app! Did you know that it’s for more than just dating? You can build your career or meet a new friend (which is great for transplants!), which is why I want people to know there is more to me than meets the eye!

Shop my outfit below!