Welcome to my Website and Blog

Hello everyone!

As many of you know, I have been doing  my Instagram page, ClevelandFashionista, for some time.  I have always thought about creating a website and a blog to go along with it but always held off due to time and wondering if I would actually be able to make it successful.  For whatever reason, nearly five years later, I have decided to try to give it a go.  Lately, I have been really excited about some of the items I have purchased and have been wanting to link them for you all but have been unable to do so with some of Instagram's limitations or give you comparable items of some classics I have in my closet and vanity.  As a result, I am  going  to give this a go and see what happens!


website photo.jpg

I'm also hopeful to share things that I do on the daily and current goals I'm pursuing.  I want to include a variety of content aimed to women in leadership roles and have a variety of interests from fashion to beauty to home renovation and gardening.

Please visit when you can!