Freshen Up Your Closet: Work, Home, Casual, or Date Night Valentine's Day Looks


I  will admit it, I'm a self-proclaimed theme dresser.  I'll dress accordingly for Christmas (red, green, silver, gold, sparkles, sequins), and my next favorite holiday to plan outfits around is Valentine's Day.  I have a variety of closet items that I  can use and re-work to make new Valentine's Day outfits, but every year, I always add a few new pieces!  After all, I love hearts, pink, red, and kisses!

You're probably thinking--Kristen, I thought it was no shop January and February for you!  And yes, it is!  I'll admit, I've been good and have not spent anything on clothes or shoes so far this January!  However, I just got $20 each in rewards (basically cash) for both Express and New York & Company, so I'm thinking if it's free cash, it doesn't really count, right?  After all my goal is not to spend MY money, so I think I can let this slide and add a new item or two for the holiday using my rewards.

Even if your goal is to save money, I  am always looking for ways to best use my money and get the most bang for my buck.  In this post, I  do not feature anything outrageously priced and have found items for work, at home, accessorizing, or for that special Valentine's Day date!


Since work is where I'm at the majority of the week, I'm always on the look out for new things to change up my wardrobe.  After a quick glance, I  fell in love with some of these sweaters and tops to wear under a blazer or sweater or over a pair of pants or a skirt!

The New York & Company sweaters scream Valentine's Day and can be remixed to wear to work, dinner, or a casual lunch date.  The Express portofino blouses incorporate hearts and lips for a subtle Valentine's Day look under a blouse, sweater, or on its own.  


If you want to shop local in CLE, here are a few of my favorite items from some local boutiques:


Whether you are meeting your girlfriend's for coffee or have a lunch date, these casual items will keep you dressed appropriately for the occasion while still looking festive, feminine, and trendy.  

Many of these items can be worn through the spring and are great classic pieces.

Please be sure to check out Bleu Chic Boutique.  It's local in Cleveland but also ships to states in the US!


If you have a special date with your sweetheart and want to look festive and romantic, check out the items above from New York & Company, Express, and Bleu Chic Boutique.

I  love the ruffle and heart details on the NY & Co and Express items and think the soft pink color on the Bleu Chic Boutique cold shoulder sweater is super cute.

At Home:  Lounge and Sleepwear

If you are having a night in with your love or just want to be cute at home all Valentine's Day, check out these fun and comfy sweats, pjs, and tees from NY & Co, Loft, and Victoria's Secret!




This year, there are soooo many cute Valentine's Day accessories.  This is a great way to add some festive appeal to your outfit without having to invest in an item of clothing.

How cute are those heels from NY & Co, and I  love the wrap bracelets to wear next to my Apple Watch.

I    would love to hear what you bought this year for the holiday and if any of these pieces appealed to you!  Comment below or share on my Instagram page!