Black Friday 2018 Wish List


So, believe it or not, I’m not a huge Black Friday shopper! You’re probably like, Kristen, why are you doing a wish list then? I never was one to get up early and brave the crowds, but ever since online Black Friday became a big thing, I definitely don’t mind getting up with my coffee, sitting by the tree, and browsing my favorite finds.

Today, I’m linking up items that I absolutely love and want on my wish list, as well as some of my favorites from throughout the year and just great buys!

First off, I’m linking up similar circle hem sweaters from Express (I got mine last year and def want a few more—they are so chic yet cozy and versatile for a bunch of occasions), similar leather like leggings, my boots, and my bag!

As you all know, Express is one of my all time favorite places to shop. Everything is 50% off with some sweaters $19.90. Here are my picks!

Here are my picks for my favorite New York & Co finds!

I totally want this cardigan from Old Navy in red! And it’s 50% off!

My Victoria’s Secret PJ picks!

I don’t think these are on any Black Friday sale, but they are on my wish list!

Ulta is also having a major sale! Some of my favorites are on sale, and I’ve listed some of my wish list finds.

And finally, my Sephora Picks for Black Friday!

So, there are some of my finds on super sale or on my wish list! I will be coming out with a holiday outfit shopping guide, as well as my top ten favorite things for the holiday season.

What are you planning to buy this holiday season?