Amazon Fashion Spring 2018 Finds: Handbag Guide


Until recently, I  have never been much of an Amazon shopper except for when I needed something random I couldn't find anywhere else or at my normal retail stores.  After ordering some home items off of Amazon and doing some research on Amazon Fashion, I have become obsessed.  There are so many great things to find by great brands (and off brands) for good prices.  The hard part is that things can get lost on Amazon, and there is so much to choose from, you don't know where to start.  After getting some practice on knowing what to search for and knowing what brands they do carry, I  have done some of the work for you!  

For the  first entry in this post, I've picked my favorite handbags!  I want them all!


I love handbags.  They can finish off an outfit and are the perfect accessory.  I  think I have recently become more obsessed with handbags than ever before.  I go through stages where I    only want designer handbags, then don't care about designer handbags.  Right now, I think I  'm a little bit of both!  I    love designer, but I can't constantly afford them, so I'm looking for ways to add some fun to my wardrobe through designer bags, lower cost bags by great brands, and maybe even some designer inspired dupes!  See below for some of my favorites.


Let me know which one is your favorite!