Colorful, Crystal Baubles from 5th Element Design Company


Summer came quick and early in Cleveland this year.  First, we had the winter that would never end, and spring was fleeting, as temperatures quickly shot up into the 80s in May.  Not that I'm complaining--I love warm weather, but it was 95 yesterday (Memorial Day) and today, and it's not even June!  With this HOT weather, all I want to do is wear breezy tees and tanks with shorts and skirts.  Whether I'm running errands, going to work, or headed to dinner, minimal yet cute clothes are needed to stay cool.  With that, we often want to wear minimal make-up and accessories.  As you can tell, I love jewelry, including my statement jewelry, but there are some days I just want to keep it simple yet classy.   These past couple of super hot days were just that!

As you have probably read a million times over, one of my favorite things about being a blogger and influencer on Instagram is being able to meet fabulous new people, try great new products, and connect with Clevelanders and Cleveland businesses!

Recently, Leyla from 5th Element Designs reached out to me regarding her fabulous jewelry line.  Leyla is a local Cleveland gal who has lived all over the world--she was born and raised in Russia then lived four years in Okinawa, Japan.  Her experiences have definitely led to cultural influences in her jewelry!  The pieces are perfect for a feminine pop of sparkle that is not too overpowering for a pretty outfit on a hot day--or any day!  She integrates the Bohemian colors of Eastern Europe with the clean lines of Japanese aesthetic. In addition to simple lines and fun, Bohemian colors, Leyla's jewelry brings it up a notch with Swarovski crystals, 14k gold, and sterling silver but will keep it real through clean designs with earthy elements, such as leather,  The craftsmanship on the jewelry is top notch, allowing it to be worn with a casual outfit or dress it up for work or date night.  


I was pleased to wear the Crystal Montana Blend Double Wrap Bracelet (which can also be worn as a choker!) and the Crystallized Bar necklace.  Let me tell you, the photos don't do the pieces justice, as it is so difficult to capture the sparkles of the crystals in the pieces. They definitely have a boho feel, which is perfect for summer, but they also have such sparkle that catches in the light, which automatically dresses it up.  

The way the colors sparkle remind me of water!  Again, Leyla brings out the natural, earth elements in her clean and elegant designs.  

The way the colors sparkle remind me of water!  Again, Leyla brings out the natural, earth elements in her clean and elegant designs.  

Here are the two items I'm wearing:

At, there are so many beautiful jewelry pieces to choose from.  Here are some of my favorites for your summer outfits:


Leyla also designs Home Decor products, and some are so gorgeous!  I definitely want one of the Bonsai Trees of Luck for my office, and the Unicorn for my girly second bedroom!

Please be sure to check out 5th Element Designs at  Also be sure to follow Leyla on Instagram at leyla_mal93!