A Valentine's Day Look with Express


Believe it or not, I actually really like Valentine’s Day. Regardless if I’m single or not (it never really bothered me all that much), I was always ready for all the pink, red, and purple, the hearts, and the love. As I’m doing my Read the Bible in a Year challenge, I’m even going at Valentine’s Day with a new purpose. I’m learning through the books of Exodus and Leviticus that God created “holidays” to celebrate occasions, and believe it or not, Leviticus is the first book in the Bible to focus on “Loving your neighbor.” So whether or not you have a significant other, use this time to celebrate the love for those in your life and show love to others. Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is about anyways?

I love celebrating holidays through fashion. This whole week I will be wearing all the red, pink, purple, hearts, and lips that I can! So you can only imagine my excitement when Express asked me to become an ambassador and partake in their “Express Your Love” campaign! As you know, Express is my favorite store, so I of course with no hesitation would promote their fashion!

They have a great Valentine’s Day collection this year, so I was able to put together this super cute outfit for a Saturday night dinner. The best part is that it is a great dinner look and can easily be paired with some super cute skinny black pants for a work look.


Breaking down the Look:

1) Top: Instead of going the usual Portofino blouse look, I decided to go with a top with a v-neck instead! I thought this was a little more versatile, plus I absolutely LOVED the heart detail on the zipper.

2) Black Denim: This pair of denim is a functional pair ALWAYS available at Express. I have worn these so many times. They are great for casual Friday at work and are a little more structured and dressy than a pair of black leggings, yet a little more laid back than black dress pants. You NEED black denim in your closet today.

3) Double O Belt: Although I have a skinny Gucci belt, I really have been wanting the thicker belt. I really loved the look of this belt through Express and ordered the black/gold one, as well as the brown/gold one. I think I will be using these on rotation for awhile.

4) Black/Red Heels: Although I purchased these in fall, they are still available. Since you know I love red, black, and white outfits, I knew I would get my use out of these heels. They are so versatile yet classic.

5) Earrings: When I received a gift card to Express this Christmas, I knew I had to have these earrings. I was already thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day and was planning to showcase these in a look.


I’m linking up the exact items in my outfit below. How are you celebrating your love for others?