BarkBox: A Real Dog's Thoughts


All opinions are our (Cooper and Kristen) own!

In today's world, it seems as if there is a subscription box for everything--food, make-up, shoes, clothes, wine--what's next?  I'll admit, I  am part of a subscription box for every item I  just mentioned.  These boxes allow me to have the best or newest products currently available for a low price or at least let me try them before purchasing.  Some of the boxes, such as the food or wine boxes, are purely for convenience or to expand my cooking skills.  So, since I  subscribe to almost every box or service known to man, why not try it for my little Cooper?!

Ever since I  adopted Cooper in August, I  went back and forth on whether or not this was worth getting for Coop.  After all, he is super spoiled as it is--he has the best food, snacks, and wardrobe a chihuahua could ask for!  What else could I  provide for him?  But after getting a Black Friday offer back in November, I figured I would give it a whirl.  After all, my first box was only $5--it was worth it for that price.  




Anytime you are subscribing to the BarkBox service, I would ensure that you get one of the deals, whether it is an offer code for a discounted or free first box.  As I mentioned above, my first box was $5.  After that first month, you will pay the full cost.  Throughout my time researching BarkBox, I  have also seen other deals and incentives, such as a free additional toy for the year or for the first month (this is usually an additional cost of approximately $10 on top of the regular monthly fee for the box--so getting it for free is definitely cost effective).  

There are a few options for the box, based upon the size of your dog.  There is the Small & Cute size (20 lbs and under--this is what Cooper has), the Just Right size (20-50 lbs), and the Big & Bold size (50+ lbs).  All of these boxes are the same price, which is $20 (plus tax).  It is charged on the third of every month, and your box ships by the 15th.  

There is an option called the Super Chewer box, which is for dogs who have a tendency to destroy toys, and these items are much more durable.  Cooper does not destroy anything, so this is not even an option!



If you are getting the basic box (no additional toy or super chewer), you receive a themed box with two toys, two full size bags of healthy dog treats, and a chew item.  Obviously, if you are receiving the additional toy, you will receive three toys.

The theme is always cute and fun--Halloween and Christmas are the two most popular boxes.  For January, the theme was a dragon/fairyland theme, where even the treats are often tied to the theme!  The toys are very cute and unique.  

Since Cooper subscribes to the Small & Cute box, all of his items are geared toward a smaller dog. Keep this in mind if you small dog still loves big toys!  At the same time, you do not want too big of treats your dog cannot eat. Since Cooper actually prefers smaller toys, this is the perfect box for him.

I  also like the fact that the Barkbox incorporates higher grade, healthy dog treats.  I  only buy these high grade treats for my animals.  Many people do not understand it and wonder why anyone would spend that much money on a dog, but my family lost a dog to liver failure when I  was 17 that was attributed to poor quality dog food.  This was before the times when better dog food/treats were available, and the word was just not out there yet.  Ever since then, we watch what we feed our pets.  They are like family, so why not treat them that way?!

Fairy Land Themed toys.  A dragon stuffed with crinkly paper and a squeaker, as well as a princess that makes a funny squeaking sound.

Fairy Land Themed toys.  A dragon stuffed with crinkly paper and a squeaker, as well as a princess that makes a funny squeaking sound.

Two full size healthy dog treats and a chew item.  In the past, Cooper has received a pig's ear and a safe rawhide to chew

Two full size healthy dog treats and a chew item.  In the past, Cooper has received a pig's ear and a safe rawhide to chew


Some of you may be questioning whether or not this is worth the $20 a month.  I  wondered at first myself, but after seeing what came in the box, I believe it is absolutely worth the price!  If you can get the free toy, go for it--that's an even better deal.

But let's break it down--you rarely find cute, fun toys like the ones included in box for less than $8-10, if not even more.  I've seen toys within the price range of $10-15.  With 2-3 toys per box, you're getting your money's worth right there!

In addition, you are getting two full sized, safe dog treats.  Because these are higher quality treats, they are automatically more expensive.  I would estimate these types of treats also would cost anywhere between $8-12 per treat bag.  So again, the treats nearly pay for the box themselves.

Lastly, you get a chew item on top of it!

Since receiving the November, December, and January Barkboxes, I  am paying less for dog treats and toys than I normally would.  With the Barkbox, I no longer have a need to buy Cooper toys from other places.  Although there are a few treats and chews (like Greenies and SpotFarm Chicken Strips) that are staples in my house, I'm spending less on treats and am able to stretch out the use of my treats with these bags and changing out what I  give Cooper on a daily basis.  

I  may be saving in those areas, but I'm not saving on clothes for Cooper--but that's a different blog post!

Cooper loves his BarkBox!

Cooper loves his BarkBox!

Cooper can't wait to try his treats!

Cooper can't wait to try his treats!


As you can see from the pictures above, Cooper really loves his BarkBox!  When I   bring the box in, he smells the treats and toys and can't wait for me to open it!  He even thinks that every box I  bring in the house now is his Barkbox!

He constantly plays with his Barkbox toys, and they are all over the house.  He has never disliked a treat or chew and always really likes the jerky or strip treat items (like the chicken strips in this box) that come every month.

Cooper and his first Barkbox

Cooper and his first Barkbox


If you would like to give this a try, feel free to use my referral code to get your first box free!     Click here for my referral code!