Fun Bandana For Small Dog Made From Fabric Quarter Scraps


After receiving a free bandana as a gift, I knew I had to get more bandanas for Cooper, but I absolutely did not want to spend too much on bandanas for Cooper!

After talking with my mom, I figured I could go ahead and give making Cooper's own bandanas a whirl.  After all, he was small enough--worst case scenario, I just fold them until they fit!

After browsing the fabric racks at JoAnn Fabrics and having no idea how much to even cut for a bandana, I came across fabric quarters.  After looking at the size of one, I knew it would be a perfect fit for Coop!  I wouldn't even have to do much cutting, except worst case scenario of cutting the fabric straight with pinking shears.  

Lo and behold, I just folded it up to the right bandana shape and tied it around Cooper's neck.  What a perfect fit!  

Obviously, this approach will not work for a larger dog, but it definitely worked for Cooper's size.  The day I went to get fabric, the quarters were on sale 5 for $5!  What a deal!  There were so many colors and prints to choose from for all occasions.  I was able to easily get a variety of different bandanas for coop in one visit for a cheap price point.  If you have a smaller dog, this is a good route to go,  They may not be as tailored as some bandanas you can buy (and if you have sewing skills, so for it), but they fit what I need them for.  You can even more easily cut them down using pinking shears than having to work with a big piece of fabric.

Cooper will be donning these bandanas forever!