Graze: Healthy Snack Options for You!


So lately I've been a sucker for trying free and new things (I guess who isn't?).   In my Hello Fresh Box, I received a coupon for a free trial box from Graze, a bi-weekly snack subscription box.  I like subscription boxes, so why not give this a try?  As a result, I figured I'd write a short, sweet yet informative blog post about Graze.  

Since this was a sample box, I was only receiving four samples instead of the usual eight snacks.  The typical subscription for Graze is eight snacks (packaged like that above) for $14.99 every two weeks.  

After signing up for my Sample Box, it was about  a week before I received my sample box, which wasn't bad.  It came USPS, and the box was much thinner than I thought.  This wasn't necessarily a bad thing--it was how it was packaged.  I really didn't have too many expectations!

In it were four snack packs of healthy snacks, primarily granola and nut mixes (see above).  I thought all the snacks were tasty with the exception of the Sweet Rhubarb Jam, which just wasn't my personal favorite.  It wasn't bad--it just didn't suit my tastes (but it might suit yours!). I really liked the Pumpkin Spice Flapjack (like a granola bar), the Sweet Mustard Ranch Mix (a nut mix), and Vanilla Walnut Fudge (which was like a loose granola mix--I ate alone but could also see it mixed in with yogurt!). They were a perfect size for a snack and also packaged perfectly to be put in a lunch box!


Overall, I thought the snacks were good, tasty, healthy, and perfectly sized and packaged for a lunch box.  However, I do think the. $14.99 per bi-weekly shipment is a little high for what you get.  Honestly, I think about $9.99-10.99 is appropriate and a price point that I would actually pay for the shipment, because the snacks were tasty and different than what you would buy in the store.  As a result, I actually stocked up on some granola bars, trail mix, and nuts at my last grocery visit.  These items are expensive and cost me about $15 for all of them, so I'm having a hard time determining if Graze is actually cost effective or not.  Who knows?  After I stopped my subscription for now, it offered me another box for $6.99.  This pricing was more like it.  Maybe I will start up again with that price!

If you do get an offer, I would definitely get it a try for a sample box.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the service!