TeaBloom: Chinese Traditions in the Modern Day


I don't know about you, but my four beverages of choice include water, wine, coffee, and tea.  I almost always have tea for lunch at a restaurant, and I absolutely love having a cup of hot green tea in the evenings for relaxation and health. 

It is commonly accepted that tea is integral to the Chinese culture.  Recently, I learned more about Chinese tea practices, which includes blooming tea.  it is debated whether or not this is an ancient practice or something that has recently arisen in the modern day;  however, I like to think it is an ancient Chinese art that I can imagine drinking in a soothing Chinese garden with wind chimes, babbling fountains, and greenery (which I tried to recreate this soothing oasis in my backyard as I drank my tea!).  I think the beautiful floral blooms in my mug compliment the florals in my background and bring a sense of beauty and the finishing touch to a breakfast, afternoon tea, or an evening of entertainment in your home.  

Blooming tea is currently available through Teabloom, a company that produces blooming tea and a variety of products to drink your tea!

One of the tea blooms with a tea sandwich and cake!

One of the tea blooms with a tea sandwich and cake!

My first TeaBloom product I tried was the Twin Harmony XL 2-Piece Set of Double Wall Mugs that came with two tea flowers.  I decided this was the best way to try the tea blooms, as I definitely wanted to see them bloom in clear glass and also have a set of great, high-quality mugs to use on a daily basis.  

My Mug set

My Mug set

Each tea bloom comes in its own individual package.  In order to use the tea bloom, you will boil water, and then place the bloom in the mug or its own tea pot (I have linked up some of my favorites below).  Once the water has reached its boiling point, you will pour the water into the mug or tea pot.  Immediately, you will see the tea pod begin to react and "bloom" in your tea!  It takes about five to ten minutes for the flower to fully bloom, but the reaction begins right away!

I absolutely think this product is beautiful and stunning.  It is perfect for entertaining.  Can you imagine serving this tea with dessert after a fabulous dinner?!  Even if you aren't entertaining, I think this tea is perfect for catching up with your girlfriends or having a relaxing evening at home with your significant other.  At the very least, treat yourself!  After a long day at work, you can take a hot bath and enjoy a gorgeous and delicious cup of blooming tea.  


Obviously, the first thing that caught my eye and made me fall in love with the product was the visual aspect of the tea.   The tea that I received was a flowering green tea, which green tea is my absolute favorite and go-to when drinking tea.  In general, tea is great for your health, but green tea is known for its myriad of health benefits, as it is loaded with antioxidants that fight cancer, boost metabolism, support the immune system, prevent Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Dementia, reduce your risk for Diabetes and heart disease, and increase dental health.  

In addition to being visually pleasing and healthy, the tea was delicious.  As I find with all green teas, it has light taste that is not too overpowering but does not require any sweetener.  

Another great part is that each bloom can be saved and steeped several times after the initial use.  The blooms hold a lot of flavor, so you can get several cups of tea from each bloom.  

Lastly, although I love tea, I definitely need my coffee every morning and am absolutely loving the dual usage of these mugs with my morning coffee (scroll down to see photo below).  The mugs are gorgeous and look so much more expensive than the actual price point.  They are light and easy to hold in your hand.  I love the clear glass and the way the liquid sits in the mug.  These are fabulous.  


I cannot wait to continue using this tea!  I love the look, the taste, and the health benefits.  I love the mugs for my own personal use, but I am definitely planning on investing in a tea pot, as I think this will be a perfect way to serve hot tea with birthday cake when I host the next family birthday get together at my home!  I have linked up my mug set (that comes with two tea blooms) as well as my other favorite items from TeaBloom down below.

Have you ever tried blooming tea?!  If you have, be sure to check out your options from TeaBloom.  If you have not, you definitely need to and should check out TeaBloom!  They have a great options at affordable price points.  

I also think this is a great gift idea for someone in your life, especially if they love tea, entertaining, and pretty feminine things!  If you have trouble finding a gift for your mom, grandma, friend, wife, or girlfriend, this may be a great gift idea.  

I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

Disclaimer:  I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and are not influenced by the developing company.

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My picks above are:

1) My mug set with two tea blooms (Great for yourself or sharing with another; also a great gift!)

2) One mug, infuser, and two tea blooms (Great for yourself or for a gift!)

3) The teapot I want for my home!  The blue detailing matches my kitchen. 

4) The classic Celebration teapot from Teabloom

5) I'm loving the vintage look with the bamboo trivet!  

6) A more ornate tea set for entertaining

7) A variety pack of tea blooms (You can just pick up the tea blooms if you don't want to invest in the tea ware; however, I would highly recommend using a clear teacup or mug if you have one!)

8) Berry team blooms (berry flavored tea) with ornate flowers

9) Blooming rose blooms (green tea with rose blooms)