Patio Herb Garden Made From an Estate Sale Find


I love growing herbs and have found the best way to grow the is close to the house on the patio.  This way, when I'm cooking dinner or grilling, I can easily and quickly step outside to pick what I want.  

If you have seen my previous posts, I have a patio and a pergola area.  As a result, sunny space is limited.  I've had to be creative on how to display my herbs without harming their growth or looking like I just have too much stuff out.  I've looked at either making or buying pallet planters for my herbs, but time, money, and where I would even put it were barriers. 

As summer approached, I still had no plan on what I was going to do with my herbs on the patio.  I randomly went to an estate sale with my parents in Bath, and lo and behold, I came across this super cute metal stand.  Immediately, I thought of using it for my herbs.  So I bought it!

I was initially going to spray paint the metal but ended up running out of time before I needed to plant my herbs.  I'm glad I didn't paint it, because I don't think it really needs it!  

I used whatever terra cotta pots I had in storage to plant some herbs.  I do have more than what I have displayed here, but this definitely helped with space.  It also looks super cute!

Although my little shelving area is super unique and likely one of a kind (or not very many), there are definitely other similar ways you can build your herb area with things you find around the house or at a yard sale.  One of the things I've learned from going to many estate sales is to ensure you always look at the outdoor products--you never know what you will find.  There are often many cute, decorative pots and unique planters like this one for very affordable prices!

What do you think of this cute, space saving, display idea for my patio herbs?!