Perfect Gift for Your Favorite Clevelander: The CLEPack


If you haven’t already guessed, based off of the title of my blog ClevelandFashionista, I’m a Cleveland lover. I was born and raised here and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Because of my love for Northeast Ohio, I try to incorporate and integrate things and activities I do in Cleveland to showcase all the fun things about my hometown! So you can probably imagine how excited I was when CLEPack reached out to me to try out a CLEPack and let everyone know that reads my blog and follows me on Instagram what I think about it.

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After they reached out to me, I immediately went and checked out their Instagram page, as well as their website to find out all the information about it ( I think this is an absolutely great idea! CLE Pack is a gift box that you can put together to send to a loved one or a friend who loves Cleveland, may have moved out of town, or is local and loves food and locally made items.

You can go ahead and choose from three box sizes: Five piece box (from $45), seven piece box (from $55), and ten piece box ($65). The best part is that you can go ahead and customize the items you want included in the box! That was my favorite part. Sometimes with gift packs like these, you pick the size and the items are chosen by the company and incorporated. You are able to go through all of their options and choose the items you think your recipient will love. I decided to do a foodie box and chose food and drink items, since I love eating and trying out new things! I’ll be honest, I had a hard time picking what I wanted since there were so many options! Some companies and items included Fear’s Confections, Malley’s Chocolates, Campbell’s Sweets Factory, Little Italy Pasta Sauce, a variety of items from Miller’s Country Jams, Bergman Mustards, Cleveland Ketchup Company, Norka Craft Soda, Sweet Moses Treats, Humphrey Popcorn Ball, and Ohio Maple Syrups just to name a few. In addition to a variety of food items, there is also Cleveland paraphernalia with Cleveland Sports Teams, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and just our awesome home town. You really need to go on the website to check out everything you can choose from. I know you will definitely want to do the ten pack, since there are so many great items!

Another great perk is that CLE Pack offers free shipping to anywhere in the US. This is a great option for Christmas and Holiday gifts this year, especially if you have a few people you do not know what to get. This is a creative and unique gift idea that I guarantee that will be surprised and happy to receive. Even if you are done with Christmas shopping for the year, this is also great to remember for other events, such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Father’s/Mother’s Day, and other events and celebrations.


Above is a photo of the CLE Pack I received. When I chose my items, I wanted a variety of different items, items I knew I would use, and an opportunity to try a a variety of different, new or favorite vendors. In my pack, I got:

1) Campbell’s Sweets Factory Cleveland Caramelcorn—This is a great fun snack treat for anytime of the year. Break this out when you watch your favorite Cleveland sports team on TV

2) Bertman Original Great Lakes Brewing Company Dortmunder Beer Mustard—Bertman Mustards are a Cleveland staple. I would have to say that including one of their products into your CLE Pack is an absolute must! The best part there are a couple different options from them, including the one I got. I decided to change it up and had to include something from Great Lakes Brewing Company too! I figured this was a great mustard to incorporate with appetizers. I cannot wait to try it out this holiday season.

3) Pope’s Burning River Hot Sauce—I love hot and spicy, so I knew I had to add this to my Pack. Can’t wait to try this out on my next Taco Night!

4) Winking Lizard Tavern BBQ Sauce—Winking Lizard is a Cleveland staple. Everyone has been to Winking Lizard to watch a Cavs, Browns, or Indians game, and Winking Lizard is known for their sauces. Since I love BBQ with grilled chicken, I knew this was something to try that I’d use a ton.

5) Sweet Moses Cleveland Chocolate Bar—This sweets and treats company has become super popular, and believe it or not, I have never tried any of their items before! I loved the look of this chocolate bar with the Skyline and wanted to try a new company!

6) North Coast Coffee Company Cleveland Breakfast Blend K-Cups—You know I love my coffee, so trying out coffee, in a K-cup which is a definitely plus, was a must. I’ve had these k-cups the past two mornings, and I’m absolutely loving it! It’s smooth and tastes great. After trying it through the CLE Pack, I’m going to look to purchase it again!

7) Miller’s Country Jams Hot Pepper Jam—Miller’s Country Jams had a few good items available. I was torn between their honey (since I love fresh, local honey) and the Hot Pepper Jam. With the holidays coming around the corner and a need to put out appetizers, I figured the Hot Pepper Jam would be great mixed with a cheese and cracker board. This will be my go to during the holiday season with wine!


I absolutely loved my CLEPack and think this is an amazing idea. I would definitely gift this or even order another Pack for myself with additional products to try that I thought looked interesting.

Another thing to keep in mind about CLEPack outside of the traditional gift is that they will soon be rolling our fully customized wedding and corporate packs. Couples or companies can customize the look of their pack with their own photos!

I have included some other photos below of different examples of CLEPacks with some other items you can include!

Happy Shopping! Check CLEPack out on their webpage ( and on Instagram. I’d love to hear in the comments below what items you would like to receive in your CLEPack!

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