NBA Playoffs: Going to The Finals--CLE style!


I always say that watching any playoff game in Cleveland is like self-inflicted torture.  I felt that way last night. Sitting on the couch with Terry, my heart was at its max heart rate with the hope and anticipation that we may actually pull off the win and head to The NBA Finals for the fourth straight time.  After a few hours of torture, the payoff was unbelievable.   This was a year that we were not supposed to make it very far with the possibility of getting eliminated very early on in the playoffs.  I was concerned that might be the case in the first series of the playoffs against the Pacers!  I've experienced several years of playoffs with the Cavs, and even though we did not appear to be as strong of a team this year as years past, the expectation in Cleveland is that we will continue to go to The Finals; however, this playoffs season was different.  It was not as easy of a ride through each team, and we had to fight to get where we are today.  Cleveland teams work hard, and nothing is ever easy.  

Now that we have made it this far, it's time for me to really break out my Cavs gear and wear it with pride over the next couple weeks!   Although I'm not sure what the final result will be, I'm so proud of my city and this team!

My outfit today is all older items, but I wanted to link up some current CLE faves for the upcoming Finals.  I want to update my Cavaliers wardrobe with some of these super cute finds!


Here are some other similar items to what I'm wearing (outside of the Cavs shirt):