eShakti: Unique and Tailored Clothing for Your Body


Being in the world of blogging and Instagramming has definitely changed my outlook on fashion and shopping. While you are inundated with so many new items all the time, clothing can begin to get boring and all look the same. You go out and purchase the latest top only to discover no one is wearing it two weeks later and are on to the next thing. As I blog and create posts for my readers, I always strive to ensure I am on trend with the latest items while keeping true to myself and finding unique things other bloggers are NOT featuring. When eShakti reached out to me to try an item of their clothing, I was intrigued. I had never heard of this brand or had seen them on Instagram before. As a result, I had to try them out! Note that this post was sponsored via free product. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

As I browsed through all the items on eShakti, I loved how unique each item of clothing was. Chances are if you are wearing eShakti, you are the only one in the room wearing the brand! I had such a hard time choosing, as I loved all the pieces of clothing. Although fall is around the corner, it is still summer in Cleveland. I decided to order an item of clothing that I could wear sooner rather than later, especially as I have so many work events and meetings in the month of August.

After browsing, I decided to purchase the skirt above. I have been wanting a bandana print handkerchief hem skirt this whole summer but had not yet found one that I liked that I felt was a good price. I loved the bright colors and print on this skirt and thought it was perfect for a work meeting.

After choosing this skirt, I was so surprised to discover that eShakti will design and make the clothing option suitable to your needs AND size! I had to take some quick measurements and enter them in, so the skirt was custom fit for me specifically. Be sure to provide accurate measurements, as there is no going back after this! The best part though is that you should have no problem with the clothing fitting you—no matter size, shape, or height! I also had the option to choose whether or not I wanted pockets in my skirt. I know there are so many people who like pockets in their dresses and skirts; however, I thought the addition of that to this full skirt may not be flattering, so I opted out of it this time around. In addition to the custom fit and measurement, these types of options

I ordered July 19th, and my custom order was here by August 1st! Although it is not as quick as some shipments, keep in mind this is custom made for YOU! I thought this was fairly quick, considering that they took all of my requests and size into consideration. I tried it on, and it fit perfectly! I was a little nervous about that, considering I did the measurements myself and was hoping I was accurate. I absolutely love this skirt, as it is probably one of my favorite items I have tried out this summer. I wore it for a work event and plan to wear it again in September!

Up close on the skirt

Up close on the skirt

If the idea of custom-made, individually-designed, and unique pieces intrigue you, click here for the eShakti website. This is perfect if you have an upcoming event, like a wedding, celebration (like a birthday or anniversary), a trip, shower, or work event. If you have been searching high and low for the perfect outfit, yet come up short-handed with unique options or clothing that fits well, then eShakti is definitely for you. Although the prices may be slightly higher than what you may find on Amazon, the quality of the pieces are top-notch and the fabric is fabulous. On top of that, you have no doubt at the end of the day it will fit you. Although some may find it expensive, I think this price point is actually quite affordable for a custom made item with beautiful fabric. This is definitely the way to go if you are looking into an investment piece or an outfit for a special occasion. I know I am planning on using it in the future for special occasions. Who knows—you may see eShakti pop up for my birthday or the upcoming holiday season!

Once you visit the website, there is currently a pop-up offer for 33% off your first purchase that is good on items site-wide, so be sure to register with the website and take advantage of that offer. If you want to save even more money, be sure to check out their Overstock tab, which is only currently available to US consumers. These are items where there is overstock, and they are currently on-sale for 50% off.

Because eShakti continually updates their inventory to be on trend with new items and ready for the season, items tend to go fast! My skirt is currently available but there are only a few left! In addition to my skirt, I also linked up a few other handkerchief hem options.

Here are my favorite picks for skirts. I actually think I may pick up the faux leather pencil skirt for the fall! This is a great example of an item that is a closet staple and a great investment item.

Here are my picks for dresses. As you can see, they have a dress for all occasions, even super formal occasions! I love the rainbow stripe dress!

Here are picks for jumpsuits. If you’re like me and have a long torso, finding a jumpsuit that fits can be challenging. I love the fact that I can order a jumpsuit, and it will fit!

We all know finding pants that fit well can be challenging. I really like the tie-waist and jogger pant options!


Have you ever tried eShakti? Does this sound like a great clothing option for you? I’d love to hear more in the comments below!