Why I Loved Using Choltry Dress Rental for a Work Trip


Earlier this spring, I wrote about Choltry, a Dress Rental Company that specializes in office ready dresses (check out that post here). I loved wearing my Choltry picks throughout the spring and summer at my office, especially when I had meetings or presentations. As I used the Choltry Dress rental service, I always thought that it would be PERFECT to use for an upcoming work trip OR for those who work from home but do not necessarily need to go into the office often. Instead of having to go out and buy clothes at a high price that would normally sit in your closet after the occasion (especially if you’re like me and do not like to wear things more than once!), this is the perfect solution. For $9.95 a dress, you can easily rent two dresses for a week and be ready to go! This eliminates outfit planning, shopping, and spending $50 a pop on dresses you will only wear a few times.

As our annual Two Day August Leadership Symposium neared, I started to think about what I wanted to wear. I generally like to wear something new on both days. At this time, I thought about Choltry and how I would like to use this rental service for a work trip. I was excited to pick out these two dresses. I love their sleeveless sheaths, especially as we are still in summer. The purple one above had the classic sheath look, but the geometric detail set it apart. This Colorblock one was so professional—I liked the cut, the Colorblock, and the detail of the zipper on the back.


As I thought, Choltry Dress Rental was perfect for this type of work trip! I will definitely use Choltry again for these types of occasions, as I explain in my list of reasons why I loved using Choltry for this occasion!

  1. Ease of Packing and Outfit Planning: Since I knew I was wearing Choltry for the two days of professional activities at our Leadership Symposium and Retreat, packing and preparing for the trip was EASY! I had already picked out my dresses and did not have to dig through my closet to come up with outfits. I tried them on, and they fit! Since they were dresses, it was easy to pack for the trip—I didn’t need to worry about multiple pieces of clothing (i.e., pants, jackets). I also hung them up in a garment bag, making it easy to load the car and use my small suitcase for other items. This was BY FAR the best part of using Choltry for work trip. Instead of spending a ton of time the night before packing, I was done in 20-30 minutes!

  2. Great on my Wallet: Instead of going out and spending at least $50 on two outfits to wear for the retreat, the cost of renting two dresses was $20. Although I’m still spending some money, the amount is not much for being able to wear two new dresses to the event! I did not spend $100 on two outfits that would sit in my closet for awhile and did not have to waste too much time shopping for outfits.

  3. Unique and Beautiful Dresses: Choltry is unique, and chances are that you will be the only one wearing Choltry at whatever event you choose to wear your dresses! You do not have to worry about looking like everyone else and do not have to worry about remembering when you last wore the dress so you do not repeat outfits at a later date at a similar event. The dresses are very tailored and flattering, so be sure you check your body measurements up to the measurements of the dresses! I got so many compliments on both dresses at the retreat, even from people working at the hotel and event center!

I am so glad that I decided to try Choltry out for a work trip. I already knew their dresses were great, and I loved wearing them to work this past spring and summer. As I expected, using the dress rental for a work trip was even a better experience, as it saved me the headache of planning and purchasing new outfits, as well as eliminated packing hassles for the trip. On top of it, I felt confident, and the dresses looked great. I was so happy to have received so many compliments and was proud to share my Choltry experience with anyone who inquired about my clothing.

If this company sounds like a great idea that you would like to try but are unsure (especially if you are unsure about sizing and fit), Choltry and I are teaming up to share a special giveaway for ALL of my followers, which includes a trial of renting one Choltry dress for one week for ONE CENT! You will not be tied to a subscription, and you will be able to trial Choltry for pretty much free! I am so excited to be part of this offer to you! Use my code CLEVELANDFASHIONISTA to take advantage of the offer!

Click Here to Shop Choltry. I’m also linking up the two dresses I work to this work event, as well as the other four dresses I have tried with Choltry below!

If you do try out Choltry, please let me know if you did and your thoughts on the dresses in the comments below!