Late Summer Blooms: Rose of Sharon


When August hits, I'm back to full fledged work mode.  My yard sometimes takes a back seat, and although I absolutely love summer, I wish and wait for cooler days so my yard does not require as much care.  My annual flowers are looking straggly, and it's time to begin thinking of mums and pumpkins.  

Although some of my flowers have hit their final days (or those days have already come to pass), I enjoy the mid to late summer blooms of my Rose of Sharon Shrubs, or hibiscus.  They bring the color and vibrancy to my yard that sometimes goes missing in August!  Their large blooms and tons of pollen bring hundreds of bees to my yard.  I have even seen a couple hummingbirds hanging around!  

Enjoy some of my pics of one of my favorite flowers!  These don't require much care--the only thing I do is prune them in late spring to reshape them, get rid of dead flowers, and to ensure they don't get too overgrown.  They have tendency to spread, so you may have to control when some of these begin to grow elsewhere!