Warm, Cozy Home: My Fall 2018 Indoor Home Decor


I don’t know about you, but fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate for throughout my home. It is so easy to integrate all the different colors of fall into my home, and who doesn’t love pumpkins and mums?!

I tend to get bored with the decor in my home and enjoy changing it out for the seasons. This means generally changing up simple things, such as my coffee table decor, my fireplace mantel, wine bar, small decor pieces, and the centerpieces in my kitchen and dining room. These changes, albeit small, always seem to freshen up the look of my home and welcome the seasons that we get to experience in Ohio.

I am definitely not one to go crazy with decor and believe less is more. Although I could easily get carried away with the seasonal decor, I do not want to overdo it. I find that my home is already beautiful without the seasonal touches, and I want to enhance the beauty rather than detract from it. So, you will not see me go crazy with banners or garland (even though I do this at Christmas) on the fireplace or have a ton of signs (although these can be cute, and I have some) in my home.

If you have been following me on the blog or on Instagram, you know that I like to work with what I have in my home and keep with the original character of the house. Although there are many house projects and rooms I would like to update, like most people, I just don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to do this. I’m slowly working through my home to accomplish these projects but realize that not every room in my home is perfect, updated, or super trendy, like many other bloggers. And I’m ok with this! I like the unique pieces of my home and tend to like a classic, traditional look that will stand the test of time. I like to keep with trends and typically do this with furniture and home decor, like I am doing for fall!

I think decorating for the seasons is an easy and affordable way to decorate your home and change it up! I always look in the tubs and bins in my storage for decor from previous years to re-use and generally buy a few new pieces every year to stay on trend and change it up, so I don’t get bored with what I have every year! When re-using items, I also try to use them in different ways and different places to change things up even more. This year, I was able to use things I haven to used in a while or used them in different ways!



My family room is one of my main living and entertaining areas in my home, so this room often gets the most attention when it comes to seasonal decor. This room definitely has more of warm, cozy, and lodge-like feel to it, so this room is very easy to decorate for fall and Christmas (not so much spring and summer!). It has a different look than many of the light and bright living areas that you see today, but I cannot help but love the unique lighting, stained glass, and beautiful brick fireplace that came with this home. Nope, I’m not painting it, and I absolutely love stained glass! In this room, I am working with the character of the home. I want to buy new pillows and throws (stay tuned for that—one thing at a time) and would eventually like to get new flooring and take down the wallpaper, but for now, I’m ok with it, as it works with the room. This is so cozy during the fall and winter months!


One change I made this year was how I decorate my coffee table. In the past, I typically have done a centerpiece that consisted of a charger, wreath, hurricane, and/or candle. I have grown tired of that through the years and have decided to use a tray for my coffee table. I really like this idea, as it allows me to be even more creative with my decor. This will allow me to easily decorate for all the seasons, especially spring and summer (the seasons I struggle to decorate in this room). I can bring my personality into this decorative tray and even integrate unique vintage items. For now, I am using a vintage book, a glass pumpkin, some decorative fall flowers, and a fun, flameless candle. I may add more to it if I find items I like, but I think this simple look says fall.

I already had the vintage book and flameless candle. Believe it or not, I resurrected this fall floral arrangement from storage. My mom picked this up for me from the Dollar Store years ago, and I think it is so cute! Just another reason that you can re-use and not pay a ton for cute decorations. It’s all in how you stage it!

I did purchase the tray and glass pumpkin this year. I did a lot of my fall decor shopping at TJ Maxx this season. The tray was $16, which I think is a great price for something that you can re-use, and the glass pumpkin was $12.99.

I’ve linked up some similar items below!


So some other simple additions I made was re-using a glass pumpkin candy jar I purchased at an Estate Sale on the end table. I added a flameless candle on the inside (although it doesn’t sit perfectly flush on the bottom, it adds a nice amber glow), alongside a standing bowl filled with older pinecones that I’m reusing. I changed it up my purchasing this super cute pumpkin filler from TJ Maxx. How cute!!!

Estate Sale Pumpkin with fun pumpkin filler

Estate Sale Pumpkin with fun pumpkin filler


I decided to change up the fireplace mantel by adding a simple “Thankful” sign. I think this brings a taste of fall without going overboard. I also think it allows me to stay on trend with some fun signage.


Lastly, I added an older yet fun and appropriate pumpkin light on my wine bar. I always try to add some type of seasonal light to this bar to change up the look and keep it fun for the seasons.

If you like these items, I’ve linked up some of this other decor below!


Pretty fall centerpiece.

Pretty fall centerpiece.

Because the kitchen is another common area in my home, I always try to add a few seasonal touches to this room but need to keep it simple as counter space is limited! I love this fall centerpiece! I also like peering into the dining room and seeing my fall decor in there as well. I might still try to find a fun little fall light for the coffee bar, but I’m still looking. Since my kitchen has that modern, clean feel with white, blue, green, gray, and taupe tones, I have fun shopping for decor that is a little different than my family room!

I generally change up the centerpiece on the dinette set for the season. Last year, I purchased this pretty fall wreath from TJ Maxx for this room and decided to re-use it again, since I liked it to much! I used this blue crackled glass hurricane my mom got me and was previously on the coffee bar in the center of the wreath. You cannot see it in this photo (you can in photo below) but placed a glass mosaic charger from Pier 1 (also old and recycled!) underneath the wreath and candle to lift the candle up a tad.


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Last but not least, the final room I seasonally decorate is my dining room. I have a formal living room, but that room is not even close to being finished, so in the future, you will hopefully see some seasonal decor in that room!

Like the rest of my home, my dining room is not quite where I want it to be, but I love changing up the centerpiece throughout the year. I keep it simple—I want the focus to be on the center of the room and the chandelier. I find that a simple centerpiece with a tall vase and flowers tends to be my go-to in here. I love the look, and I think it draws attention to all the right places!

This fall, I I recycled this cute white pumpkin wreath that I also bought at TJ Maxx last year (along with the kitchen wreath). Like with the wreath in the kitchen, I placed a dark brown charger underneath to lift the vase. I bought this tall glass vase from Old Time Pottery when I moved in my home over three years ago and consistently keep this as the main centerpiece but change out the flowers and filling to go along with either the season or my mood! I did something very similar last year, so I was able to recycle some of the filler from last year (which is the dark brown pumpkins and swirly filler) and purchased some new (also from TJ Maxx) to fill it up and refresh it. The orange flowers and orange pumpkins are new this year and so cute!


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I hope you liked my fall decor and maybe even found some inspiration for your home. What is your favorite way to decorate for fall?!