Spring and Easter Home Decor Updates


Once Valentine’s Day passed, it was not long before I began to plan my spring and Easter home decor. Now that March has officially arrived, we have survived the brutal winter months and know spring is just around the corner. I was ready to put away some of my heavier winter decor and go for lighter, brighter, natural colors with a touch of living things!

As you know, I’m not one to re-do my ENTIRE decor each season but like to change out a few things to freshen it up and stay in sync with the seasons. I’m also starting to build my decor supplies for each season, giving me more options and ways to change it up every year. This allows me to be cost effective by buying only a few new things per season but still being able to get a new look each time.

The best part of my spring decor is that the majority of it will transition to summer easily. I will just need to change out a thing or two, but otherwise I’m in good shape. I spend most of my summer days and evenings out of the house, so it’s great to have decor that can last longer than a season.

Here are some of the ways I updated my decor:

1) I’m a believer of natural elements in your decor, including natural textures and a touch of life, such as a plant, flowers, or some touch of nature! I included a lot of natural textures (e.g., wood) with greenery and flowers for a touch of spring that will easily go into summer.

2) In some areas of my house, where it is lighter and brighter, it is so much easier to add whites and pastel flowers and eggs, which makes up the majority of spring decor for sale. In my lower area of the house, where it has more of a lodge/rustic/bar-like feel, it is a little more challenging to integrate spring and summer decor. This year, I’m changing out some of the deeper decor tones to lighter beiges, browns, and natural colors and adding more wood tones/materials and greenery.



One of my favorite parts of the family room to decorate for the holidays and seasons is my coffee table tray. This always challenges my creativity, and I love to hunt for new unique items to add that show the spirit of the season, display my personality, and compliment the room’s decor. This season, I kept the vintage book and brought out my cork candles I had out during the fall and holiday season. I picked up these green, burlap boxwood and wood/stone like bunny, both from TJ Maxx. I think they are perfect for the season, yet keep a rustic and natural look. This will be the one area of decor I will likely change up in this room, as the bunny is only appropriate through Easter. TJ Maxx purchases are often hard to link up, as they are not found everywhere, but I will try to find similar items at the same price point!

I also changed out the pillows on my couch, which were a darker plaid (I like them but more for winter and fall—they are in storage and will likely make another appearance in the future), for something a tad lighter for spring and summer with natural tones. I’ve been liking the oversize pillows for comfortable lounging and found these on sale at Kohl’s. I added a neutral throw, and I think we are set for spring and summer!


The fireplace decor was more of a challenge for me. This room and fireplace is so easy to decorate for fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter but poses a challenge during the spring and summer primarily due to the colors and decor of the room. I really had to think about what to do. Since spring and summer are light, bright, and airy, I didn’t want to bog down the fireplace with too much stuff. I wanted to keep it clean and natural with a touch of the season.

As a result, I kept the blanket basket (also from TJ Maxx) and changed out the red plaid blanket for a natural, beige throw in a lighter, chenille fabric with some fun fringe. I shopped for awhile for the right throw that was the right color and fabric. I also really wanted some fun fringe to hang out. I was able to pick up this throw from Amazon and have it linked up below (with some of my other picks!)

I kept the two baskets for artificial plants that I picked up from Target back in January. I originally had branches in there but stored those away. I wanted greenery but nothing too pastel or frilly. I also did not want anything that would suggest winter. Artificial plants are expensive, and I stopped at Old Time Pottery to check out their HUGE artificial plant and floral collection. I was able to pick up these great green grasses for about $12 a piece! I will try to find some other cost effective options, as I cannot link up from Old Time Pottery. If you have an Old Time near you, I would definitely recommend checking it out!

So that sums up the fireplace. I love the way it looks! It looks fresh, not too dark, but stays in tone with the rest of the room. I will likely keep this exactly the same through summer and only change it up when I begin to think about fall decor.


So shop my family room looks below. Keep scrolling to see the rest of my decor!






In my kitchen, I just changed out a few things to update it for spring. It is a little easier to have some fun with whites, grays, and pastels due to the color scheme in my kitchen. I kept my lazy Susan with the mason jar candle and hydrangea arrangement and simply added a hurricane full of pastel pink and blue Easter eggs! How fun!

At this time, I have not updated with a fun spring or Easter mug but will keep you posted if I do.

Shop my kitchen decor items below! You can shop my eggs here. Keep scrolling to check out my dining room!



To change up the centerpiece in the dining room, I brought out this white floral wreath that I bought last year at TJ Maxx (they have awesome wreaths there!). An easy way to change up a centerpiece on a table, whether it is on a coffee table, dining room table, or kitchen table or island, a wreath is always an easy way to go!

I then centered this silver charger on top of a white cake stand with these glittery candles from Big Lots! I got both the charger and candles at Christmas, and they are no longer available. I did find great wreaths, candles, charger, and cake stand for a great price at Amazon! (See below)

Simple yet feminine and elegant. I’ll probably keep this up until I start on my fall decor!

So that’s what I have for now. What do you think?! I cannot wait until I finish my living room, so I can decorate in there!

I did do some updates in my bedroom, which you can check out here!

Happy Spring and Happy Easter!