Valentine's Day Decor: Small Ways to Perk Up Your Space!


After taking down my Christmas decor, I changed a few things up in my home. After decorating for fall in September and Christmas in November, I almost forgot what my house looked like before! I knew I needed to change some things up, so I picked up some things in early January for the winter decor transition, as well as prepping for my Valentine’s Day Decor. If you want to check out what I specifically did for winter, you can shop my posts for my fireplace and coffee table vignette here.

For Valentine’s Day, I’m keeping all of that while adding a few things and changing up my kitchen decor. Keep reading to see photos of what I did for some decor inspiration!



I changed up my kitchen table decor with a few small items. I already owned the lazy Susan (got at TJ Maxx last year), as well as the candle (super old), and hurricane (also super old). These fake flowers and pitcher are from Target and current. I thought they would be perfect to keep after Valentine’s Day and would just require a change or two on the tray. Plus, how cheap, fun, and festive are using Conversation Hearts? There are so many ways to use these, and I think these offer a cute, pretty, and functional decoration for less than $5. Scroll down below to see a close up.

If you look in the far corner, the only change I made to the coffee bar was changing out my still seasonally appropriate snowman mug for this fun stoneware heart mug from Pier 1. Keep scrolling for a close up.

Check out my recent purchases, as well as similar items below! I love being able to reuse home decor items that have been in storage or just simply changing up a location. It makes it even better when I’m able to integrate in a few new yet low cost items!




I actually did not change a ton in my family room area. I kept all of my winter decor and simply added a few items.

As you can see from my photo above, my fireplace is the same with the lighted sticks, baskets, and blankets. My coffee table tray is the same, I just added these fun gold script words that say “xoxo” and “love” that I picked up from Pier 1. I wanted to keep the natural, rustic look and thought these were ways to keep that tone yet integrate a minimal amount of Valentine’s Day.


In my chair and end table corner, I merely changed out decorative pillows with this fun “kisses” and “hugs” pillow I picked up from TJ Maxx. I also brought out this fun candy dish I got from my mom last year. I wanted to put candy in it, but I just didn't trust the animals, so I decided to put some heart filler from Target in instead.


Lastly, I had to put this fun glittery and red heart light somewhere, and what better place than my wine bar?! I think this adds a fun and festive tone without being too much.

I also broke out my Valentine’s Day wine glass from Pier 1 that is a couple years old. They always have fun wine glasses, so I linked up this year’s version below.

I picked up the Pier 1 heart glimmer strings but decided to not use it in my home. I might try it out in my office space. In the meantime, I’ve linked them up below!

So there are the few small things I did in my house this year. I was able to use a lot of older items but integrate some newer yet affordable items as well. I think most every piece was under $10 with the exception of my pillow! I added up all my purchases (keep in mind I linked up similar items to things I owned or additional options), and I only spent about $80 on any new things. I didn’t have a ton of Valentine’s Day Decor, so I figured I needed to build it up. I will likely use these pieces next year, and I always add a few new things every year, but it will likely even be less than that!

What did you do in your house for Valentine’s Day decor this year? Have you started? I would love to see photos, as I get inspiration from all of you as well!