Quick Summer Home Decor Update

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As we head into the summer season, I spend so much more time outside than inside and tend to be really focused on making the outdoors beautiful, that I often do not pay a ton of attention to the decor or what is going on inside. Regardless of the amount of time I spend outside, you know that I love updating my decor with each season. Because summer tends to be simple, I do not do a ton and did not change much from what I did for spring with the exception of my coffee table tray and kitchen table decor. if you want to see more of what I did for spring to get the whole look that can easily be taken into summer, check out that blog post here.


As you can see in the photo above, I have been keeping my white pitcher with fake peonies in my kitchen. I have had these up since Valentine’s Day, and I just love how they look in my kitchen. The pastel colors go so well! I will likely change this up for fall (who knows what I will do?!), but I have no problem keeping this through August/September for now. I have been keeping this flameless jar candle out, as I like the farmhouse vibe it brings. Believe it or not, it is sooooo old, and I found it in my garage from when I moved from apartment about 4 years ago! Since it is old, I cannot find an exact one, but you can definitely recreate this look with mason jars and a flameless candle! I brought out this milk glass chicken I picked up from all of my estate sales and liked how it complimented the look in my kitchen. These milk glass chickens are pretty common and can be found at many estate and garage sales, but I also linked up a few from Etsy and eBay. This just goes to show you that you do not need to buy all new things—just go into your home decor storage and change it all up! Last but not least, I picked up this fun rustic and farmhouse wood plank sign that says Sweet Summertime. This is from the Etsy Store, Painted Plank Decor. I actually had a thought to put this elsewhere but liked it here the best!

You can shop my finds here:


The only other thing I changed up was my coffee table tray. I actually had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do here. I had some cool rustic and vintage items I thought about adding in, but the lighter spring feel from the burlap plant and cork candles just contrasted, and I wanted to keep it lighter for the summer season. I may end up doing something with the unique vintage items this fall and/or winter.

To finish the look, I changed out the wood bunny from Easter I initially had and integrated these metal orbs onto the tray. They seemed very Joanna Gaines to me, and I like how they tied together the entire look. I think I may end up adding a larger one to balance it out, but this is what I ended up trying out for now. These metal orbs are pretty reasonable from Amazon, as compared to other retailers, and they are all linked up below.

What are your thoughts on my quick summer home decor updates and a few new additions? I kept it simple for now, but I’m sure once fall comes around I’ll be ready for a major change-up! I hope this provides some inspiration to change up some decor in your home!