Lakota Lane: Gorgeous and Unique Wood Pieces for Your Home!

Are you ready for Fall entertaining and cooking?

Are you ready for Fall entertaining and cooking?

I was gifted with product to complete this blog post in addition to an affiliate discount code. All opinions are my own. Use the code Kristen10 to save 10% off your purchase!

I love all different types of decor and design—Fixer Upper Farmhouse Style, Rustic, Industrial, Vintage, Modern, Shabby Chic—you name it. I’m fortunate my home allows for a variety of different styles throughout, so I always get to have fun trying out new items, decor, and furniture. In my rec room and wine bar area, I have more of Arts & Crafts vibe with some rustic farmhouse and vintage thrown in. When Lakota Lane reached out to me to learn more about their company and try out one of their handmade cutting boards, I was definitely interested, as I love supporting small businesses and finding unique items that no one else has! I figured these boards would be PERFECT for my wine bar and serving all kinds of appetizers, such as cheese and fruit boards, when I entertain.

As I was browsing through the cutting boards, there are soooo many beautiful options. I was actually torn between the autumn and the onyx (I thought that just had such a gorgeous and different look) but decided to to be more traditional with the autumn design, as I thought this could be more versatile for me. When it arrived, I was absolutely floored by how gorgeous this product was. It was so well made and felt so expensive. It was definitely higher quality than other mass produced, wood cutting boards or serving boards. I loved the different colors and think it is just a beautiful piece!

As you can see in my photos, I could not wait to use it for serving a cheese and fruit board to go with my wine. Since I generally host a fall harvest gathering, as well as Christmas Eve, I am definitely using this to serve! You know I love wood serving boards, and this is by far my favorite one I own.


As I mentioned, Lakota Lane is a small business, and they are based out of Minnesota. They are young twenty-somethings who are part of a family that owns and operates a Multi-Award Winning Tree Farm located in Southern Minnesota. They grow some of the largest Walnut trees in the State and are past winners of the State of Minnesota’s highest conservation award. Their latest tree audit showed 31,000 new Walnut trees growing strong as of Spring 2019.

If you like unique and handcrafted, these pieces are for you. As they say, “When we say ‘handcrafted,’ we mean handcrafted.’” They have a wonderful staff of woodworkers that show off their skill level in each unique piece. Each piece of lumber is hand selected, kiln dried, and finished to Artisan quality—as unique as the trees that created them. Wood grain and knot patterns are never identical.

These are truly luxury pieces and an investment piece. Although I often focus on bargain prices, you know that I have my favorite luxury and investment pieces. This is definitely one of them. It is also a great, unique, and thoughtful gift to the fashionista, designer, or individual who loves the finer things in life.

I am going to share my favorite Lakota Lane products below, but click here if you want to browse all their fabulous pieces! Don’t forget to use my code Kristen10 to save 10% on any product!

With so many fall celebrations and the holidays coming, this line of products is definitely great for decor and serving during the fall celebrations and holidays, as well as being a perfect Christmas or holiday gift! I can definitely see myself considering one of these pieces for my mom (shhh—I already have one picked out for her!).

Below, here is my cutting board, as well as my favorite pieces!