Autumn Greetings: My Decor Around the House for 2019


It is September, which officially means that fall decor can go up! I actually completed this a few weeks back and wanted to make a few finishing touches before I officially launched the blog post on what I did! This year, I’m integrating the interior with the exterior. There are a few things I am planning on adding throughout the season, so stay tuned to Instagram for additional updates.

As you read along, here are my tips and tricks for how I generally use seasonal decor and update my home throughout the year:

  1. At this time, I generally only decorate the main living areas in the lower levels of my home (I have a split level). I am continually working on fixing up areas of my home, so not all portions are completely finished or furnished yet, which does impede everything I want to in my home; however, I’m hopeful that some of the decor I’m using gives you inspiration!

  2. I update my decor every year, as I generally have a new area to decorate every year based on the progress of my house projects. I also like interspersing some new decor to freshen it up so it does not feel exactly the same or too dated every year.

  3. I always re-use the same home decor every season! Let’s face it—seasons and holidays are classic and traditional, so you know pumpkins will never go out of style for fall! In addition, home decor styles do not change that drastically that quickly, so you will likely be able to get at least 2-3 years (if not more) use out of any decor item that you buy. Sometimes I like it so much, I use it in the same place; other times, I will change it up and use it somewhere different. When I do that, it feels like I just bought it and gets the creative juices going.

  4. Lately, I’ve really been loving doing a tray for centerpieces in my rec room and kitchen. I know some people may be getting tired of this (sorry!), but I just like how it ties everything together (including the theme and my favorite things) but adds variety and allows me to use new and old decor in different ways.


As you can see in the photo above, I’m still using my favorite Lazy Susan tray I got so dirt cheap from TJ Maxx (I linked up a few that are similar. I tried to get good price points!). This is a wood tray inlaid with metal, and I am so lucky I picked up this find. I also love this Target pitcher I picked up in January. I had pink and white peonies in it since February but felt I needed to change it up with more muted tones for fall. I picked up these faux cotton stems and mums from Amazon. They were not as tall as I wanted them to be, so I stuffed the bottom of the pitcher with paper to make them taller. I used this glass pumpkin again that I picked up from Pier 1 last year, along with this old jar flameless candle that I’ve had for years (it goes in the kitchen!). Last, I had been looking for a cute sign or words to use on the tray like I did for summer but was having a hard time finding one for fall that fit my gray and white color scheme. I was surprised, as i felt that had been easier in years past, but everything was very orange, red, and brown this year! I found this super cute “Gather” sign at Big Lots and thought it finished the look. It’s perfect for Fall and Thanksgiving, but I think it can easily be used throughout the entire year.

I linked up my exact sign and faux florals, along with similar finds for my tray, pitcher, and pumpkins below the photo.


Of course, my Gather Sign is sold out online (hopefully it will restock!), but here it is along with some other picks:

Here are my faux cotton stems and mums:

Finally, here are some similar Lazy Susans, white glass pumpkins, and my white pitcher is back in stock!


As you all know, I have been working on re-doing the dining room, as I painted and upcycled my dining room set and hutch (blog post almost ready to go live!). I have a bunch of other decorative finishes to complete, but I did do some minor fall decorations by changing up the centerpiece. This year, I decided to reuse the blue, gray, and white pumpkin wreath I had in my kitchen the past couple of years and put it in the dining room. I also picked this up at TJ Maxx for a good price and found a similar one online at TJMaxx that you can find here (or click on the photo!).


As you know, my rec room is one of the favorite rooms in my house! It is so cozy, especially during the fall and winter months. I also love how it has the “Arts & Crafts” design vibe from the craftsman era with the stained glass and natural elements (steel, wood) and colors (browns, reds, oranges) that you see in nature.

Since I liked the look I created so much last year, I did keep my coffee table tray and fireplace decor very similar with a few minor changes.


On the fire place this year, I decided to keep out the light beige blanket in the basket that I picked up for spring. Although I generally tend to like to go for warmer colors in the fall, I decided to keep with the neutral tone to balance it out. I’ll likely change it up for Christmas. I also used the “Thankful” sign that I purchased at TJ Maxx last year. I changed out my summer grasses in my basket vases from Target and used my faux florals from the dining room last year in here and added these super fun maple leaf glimmer lights! These lights are one of my favorite purchases this year, as I think they are so versatile for fall. They are battery operated, and I’m finding they are lasting a long time! You can easily use them on a Thanksgiving tablescape, a fireplace mantel, or a fun Halloween vignette. Shop all my picks here!


Since I liked the look I created so much last year, I did keep my coffee table tray and fireplace decor very similar with a few minor changes. As you can see on the tray, I’m still continuing to use my metal orbs, vintage book, and candles (which can easily be used all year) and added the glass pumpkin I bought from TJ Maxx last year, as well as this older pumpkin floral decoration that I’ve had for years! Shop my finds below!


I am also loving how cute this end table looks with my fall hedgehog and pumpkin filler!


As I continue to add pumpkins and outdoor decor, I will continue to update you, but I wanted to share my front door decor, especially my doormat from Big Lots! I LOVE this doormat! When I saw it online, I knew I had to have it. The background is actually navy blue, and I thought this was different than anything I’ve had or seen before. (It says it’s black online, but I swear it is navy blue!). Plus, it’s super affordable! Click the photo to shop the doormat. Thanks to Home Depot for the Coleus and Mums!

I’m absolutely LOVING how. everything turned out. I enjoy mixing up older decor and integrating some new picks. What is your favorite?