Summer and Graduation Parties: Using Basic Invite for Your Party Needs


As we head into the summer season, there are so many great events and parties happening! From weddings to graduations to birthdays to American picnics to fun gatherings and get togethers, everyone’s social calendars start to fill up with so many great ways to enjoy the warm weather and celebrate important and life-defining occasions.

This summer, we are hosting a 60th birthday party for my mom, and I cannot wait to have a wine tasting with my freshly picked summer vegetables! With these occasions in mind, I definitely want to put together an awesome invitation and cannot wait to use Basic Invite!

If you have a graduation party coming up, or even a wedding, and need invitations, you definitely need to check out Basic Invite.

Why would I use Basic Invite, when there are so many invitation companies?

1) The biggest perk to me (especially after using other invitation companies and having to call to correct my order and wait another week to get the final invitation) is that Basic Invite will send you a CUSTOM SAMPLE so you can see how everything will look before you place your final order. This is soooo important, especially if you are making a ton of invitations for a major event, like a wedding or graduation party! This can definitely save time, headache, money, and even trees!

2) Basic Invite is so customizable, you have almost unlimited color options when designing your invitation. Unlike other companies where you have to absolutely stick with the template provided, Basic Invite allows you to personalize their template with colors of your choosing from 180 different color options!

3) When you are making such a fabulous invitation, it is also important for it to arrive with a spectacular appearance. With over 40 envelope colors, you can even ensure your envelope consistently matches your invitation color scheme. Again, my experiences with other companies limited me to only 8-10 envelope colors. This is such an awesome feature! Plus, the envelopes are peel and seal, so you don’t have to waste your time licking them!

4) If you’re like me, you likely do not have much left on paper anymore with everything being uploaded to a cloud or computer. Whenever I’m sending out invites or a mailing, I always have to use my mom’s address book (lol!) or ask people for their address. Basic Invite is unique in that it uses an Address Capturing Service which allows you to share a link to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other form of social media to request and collect people’s addresses. Basic Invite even offers address printing on all cards for NO ADDITIONAL COST! If you still were unsure about using Basic invite, this should definitely change your mind.

5) Last but not least, if you want to be a little EXTRA (like I am with invitations), you definitely want to incorporate foil lettering into your invitation. Most of my experiences have been that foil is generally raised. With Basic Invite, you have the option to have flat OR raised foil.

After reading all of this, if you are still unsure about Basic Invite, they are even giving you 15% off of your order. Be sure to use their code 15FF51 to save this 15%!


With so many graduation parties happening in June and July, you definitely need to get your order for graduation invitations in now! The photo above is a beautiful example of the unique and high quality invitations you can get for your party. Remember, graduation parties do not have to be limited to high school. Be sure to recognize your college and graduate school grads too! Check out the links to the various graduation invites below!

Creative Graduation Party Invitations

Cool College Graduation Invitations

University Graduation Invitations

Below are some more examples of invitations you can use for a variety of upcoming parties and occasions fo this season and beyond.


These retirement invites are so cute and modern!


Even though we are celebrating the start of summer, fall will be here before you know it! Start planning your Halloween bash invites now!

As I mentioned above, I’m planning some summer parties, including my mom’s birthday and a wine tasting. Here are some of my favorite invitation picks:

I am definitely loving all of Basic Invite’s designs and can’t wait to use them for my next party! If you have any upcoming parties or events, be sure to check out Basic Invite, as they go beyond many other invitation companies.

What events do you have planned this summer? Have you ever tried Basic Invite? I would love to hear your comments below!