Planning a Milestone Birthday Celebration: My Mom's Black and Gold 60th Birthday Party


Milestone Birthdays—30, 40, 50, 60. Since they only happen once every 10 years, we definitely need to make time to celebrate them and the person! My mom recently turned 60 on June 15, and we definitely knew we needed to do something! My mom absolutely deserves a great celebration, so we did just that. My mom wanted something larger than we usually do but did not want it to be too huge. Since we did things a little differently, I figured I would go ahead and share some of our ideas. While I realize not everyone will want the exact same theme, some of the ideas can still transcend decor and age!



When deciding on where we wanted to have the party, we started looking around for small rental halls when lo and behold, we had the idea to have it at one of my parent’s favorite places to stop and have a drink and a bite to eat—The Hidden Backyard. This is a small watering hole in North Royalton with homemade food and a great bar. There is a great party area, but we decided we wanted to rent out the bar area for the evening. It was great—a cozy and fun party atmosphere. Thank goodness we were inside, because it was POURING out!

We offered heavy apps and an open cash bar. Keep scrolling for the fun menus we made outlining the heavy apps available.

If you are in the Cleveland area, definitely check them out for events like this. If you are not, it is always a great idea to think of your favorite places to go and see if you can rent out their bar or restaurant area for the evening. If you frequent the place often, this is definitely something that many establishments will do for you. :)




Like with any birthday, cake of some sort is needed. Instead of going all out with a huge birthday cake, we decided to do cupcakes from the one and only Michael Angelo’s in Broadview Heights! I have definitely written about them before and their bakery is amazing! We did a mix of yellow and chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate mouse filling with white buttercream frosting and gold glitter. So delicious!

The best way to create a cupcake tower is to purchase one like this off of Amazon for a great price! We also added these fun toppers!

We also picked up a lot of these decorative items from Amazon and passed out Godiva chocolates as a favor. Shop all our picks below.



No party is complete without attractive centerpieces! We picked up these fun centerpieces to celebrate being 60 as well as these fun drink napkins. My family and I are always about lighting, and we thought the cute gold candle votives added the right touch. It’s all about the small details!

We also made these fun menus on Vistaprint! In addition to our appetizers, we set out bowls of a variety of different flavored nuts from Cleveland-based nut company, King Nuts Company!


Shop some of our decorative items below:



It is not a milestone birthday party without the obligatory balloons, especially the big and gold 6-0! We picked up the number balloons and set of table height black, gold, and white balloons from Party City.

We absolutely loved how the 60 birthday party went! It was a complete success yet simple, elegant, classy, and fun. What do you think? What are some things you have done for a milestone birthday party celebration?

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