Mums and Pumpkins: Fall Outdoor Decor Ideas


Believe it or not, fall is actually one of my favorite times of year in my yard. Although many flowers are dying back and the garden is done, I like when my grass looks green again and not parched from 90 degree heat, the yard begins to look neater and cleaner, and the bright, fall colors of mums and pumpkins take center stage. I love how the fall sun reflects upon my yard and even though winter is not far away, I absolutely love this time of year. I love all seasons, and fall is no exception. I love the cool, crisp air and the hint of the holidays, from Halloween through New Years, around the corner.


So if you have followed me on Instagram, you probably know one of my favorite flowers is mums. I love the variety of bright fall colors, and they have such a great scent to them. One easy way I decorate the outdoors for fall is with fun mums around the yard I all sizes, from small to large!

In the front yard, I always plant mums on the side of my garage, as I have brick stand where they can easily go. I also always like to hang something seasonal on the lights on each side of my garage. To me, sometimes it is the small details like those that pull everything together!


The front yard is the area everyone sees and where curb appeal counts. I have areas in my yard, like the concrete bird bath repurposed into a planter, where I can plant all kinds of annuals. I always plant seasonal flowers there, like the red mum. Next to it, I will plant a large sized mum, like this yellow one, The colors on these are so bold and beautiful. They are a much needed pop of color in the front yard during this time of year.


Placement of pumpkins in the front can also add complementary color next to the mums and pops against green lawns and shrubs. Orange pumpkins are classic, but I also love the heirloom pumpkin trend, like these white and green pumpkin/gourds! They add a unique, classic, and vintage vibe.


I do not have a front porch or a ton of steps to accomplish the numerous mums and pumpkins look that you often see, but I do try to create a cute fall vignette by my front door. A classic orange pumpkin, leaves doormat, and a halloween themed pumpkin planter with mums creates a festive yet simple look.


Not only do I decorate the front yard, but I love to fix up the back yard too! The past few years in Cleveland we have been blessed with warm and mild falls, where I have actually been able to eat dinner outside through October! It was very HOT the first half of October, but got super cold, so I didn’t get to enjoy my yard as long as I usually like to, but I love being able to walk outside and have a festive yard to enjoy. But below, I’m sharing photos and some ideas of what I did in MY backyard for the season!


Mums are always needed everywhere, and my pergola is no exception, as I added hanging mums and mums as the table centerpiece.

Such a perfect view for evening wine.

Such a perfect view for evening wine.

I also add mums as centerpieces to my patio tables too. There is no better view than this!

Mums are everywhere!

Mums are everywhere!


I always love the look of large, multi colored potted mums. Instead of spending $50 a pop on one, I decided to make my own with some smaller mums. Way cheaper, and I was able to achieve the same effect!


Just last week, I shared a little about how I transformed this random table into a fun potting bench. You can also read more about how I decorated it for fall here. The best part is that this fun garden caddy by Hearth and Hand from Target here.


In addition to mums and heirloom pumpkins, decorative kale is a great way to add some greenery, color, and texture to your yard for the fall. They love cold temperatures! I transformed my patio herb garden into a cute sight for fall with the combination of all three! If you want to learn more about this patio herb garden, click here for more details.


Although this bed is in the very back of my yard, I like to do the “fall treatment” everywhere, and this is no exception. I love looking out my window and seeing pops or orange pumpkin in the back on this bench. This also makes for a great photo op! you can never go wrong with pumpkins!


This is the first time I’ve ever done anything decorative with my shed in the back. The more I look at the shed from different angles, the more I like it! It’s a basic shed, but I’m getting more ideas of what I can do to spruce and jazz it up in the upcoming seasons. I did a small bale of hay, pumpkin, and mum in front to create a fun look. Cooper loves posting by it!

So that is my yard for fall! Although it’s been cold, my mums, kale, and pumpkins still look great and colorful! Even though this post came out later than I wanted, I still wanted to share my ideas in the event you are still decorating for Thanksgiving or for inspiration for next year. Before you know it, I’ll be talking about Christmas!

Happy Fall! Happy Halloween! Happy Thanksgiving!