Holiday Home Tour 2018


Happy Holidays! Although there is something I love about every season, Christmas and the holidays truly have to be one of my favorite times of year. I love everything about it—the decorations, the lights, warm treats like gingerbread coffee and hot chocolate, shopping, fun parties, time with family and friends, TV specials, food, cookies, and wine—you name it. One of my favorite holiday traditions is decorating my home for Christmas. Even when I was in my apartment, I loved having a tree, and it hasn't changed (it’s grown) since I’ve moved into my home.

Although how I decorate for Christmas in my home has not changed drastically, every year I do change it up slightly and add a few new items to spice up the look. I also only really decorate the main areas of my home rather than bedrooms. I know some people go all out with new sheet sets and comforters, but I just don't see the need to do so. :) Keep on reading to see what I’ve done.

Family Room/Rec Room

I have a tri-level home with a “family room” or “rec room” in the lower level, which is slightly like a basement area that I use for watching TV and having wine. It is my “bar-like” area which is also very cozy and almost lodge-like. If you have seen my Instagram posts, I also harken it to the Arts & Crafts Design Period.


One of my favorite things I changed up this year was my fireplace. I generally was really never a stocking fan but decided to add some cozy things this year to change it up! I integrated my normal natural garland, my burlap reindeer container for Christmas cards, the Joy nativity sign from my mom, and I even added these fake poinsettias that I’ve had for years to change up the look. I purchased these Red Buffalo Plaid Reindeer Stockings that even have fabulous fur detailing from LTD commodities. They have awesome things for very cheap prices. These stockings were only $6.98 a piece!


In addition to adding these fun elements, I changed up my coffee table tray. This has been one of my favorite decorative elements I’ve added this year to my home. I see so much potential to change it up with the impending seasons and holidays! I love the addition of this fun reindeer (from Big Lots) and this small poinsettia flower (Walgreen’s!). I kept the book and the candles from the fall and added this ceramic acorn that I’ve also had for years! One of my favorite things about decorating is using older items in new ways.


Lastly, I even changed a few minor details on my Christmas tree. I always incorporate red and gold into this tree and have started to add some rustic ornaments over the past few years. After discovering my old star topper stopped lighting, I decided to get a new lighted rattan star, a sweater tree skirt, and some burlap ribbon garland with gold edging and detailing. The new star, tree skirt, and garland were all purchased from Amazon. On the chair next to the tree I added a fun holiday pillow (also reindeer to go with the reindeer theme) from LTD commodities for only $8.98 (definitely beats the prices at other retailers!).


Here are a few other photos from the downstairs!

I love these fun burlap box I purchased from TJ Maxx last year. It’s perfect on my fireplace, and I think the poinsettia adds the finishing touch.

I love these fun burlap box I purchased from TJ Maxx last year. It’s perfect on my fireplace, and I think the poinsettia adds the finishing touch.


I primarily find a centerpiece for my kitchen table and add some decor to the coffee bar to complete my holiday decor look in the kitchen. I purchased this flocked wreath from TJ Maxx last year and have had this fun tree light for years, which is so fun for the coffee bar.



As always, I put my up 9 feet tall pencil tree in my living room! I can see it from my dining room and from my kitchen. Although i’m still continuing to work on pulling together my living room, I. love the look of the tree in this area.

In addition, I changed up the centerpiece on my dining room table to go with the new paint and look to the dining room. These gorgeous mercury glass trees I also purchased from LTD commodities. I purchased two sets to make the centerpiece, which each set was $14.98 a piece (total of about $30 for the entire centerpiece). These trees are reminiscent of some things I’ve seen on Z Gallerie but for a much cheaper price!



Lastly, I added some small Christmas decor to my two bathrooms it the form of bottlebrush Christmas trees! I added a larger, fuller, silver one from TJ Maxx for $8 to my small downstairs bathroom (which goes with the purple and silver theme) and added this tall, thinner white one which I got at Old Time Pottery for $1.99 to spice up my vanity tray. This is a fun, simple, and cost effective way to quickly change up your bathroom decor in a fun way the makes a big difference!


So there is the tour! I’m so pleased with how my home turned out this season. I love being able to integrate new items with some tried and true family favorites and also keeping my costs low with finding some trendy yet affordable items. How did you decorate for the holiday season?

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